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The Eton FR150 MICROLINK is Eton’s top selling emergency portable radio receiver due to its small size, light weight.

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Over-all high utility for camping and outdoors, or for emergency needs. It "just works"

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Triple LEDs focus into a single spot via the lens cover with excellent focus

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Easy to crank and battery power lasts a good amount of time

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affordable price

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can be charged by crank or by solar panels

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great AM/FM reception

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crank generator is highly efficient, can power the radio even without a battery

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odd 2/3aaa batteries - difficult to find if you require replacements

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not powerful enough to receive good radio signals in extreme weather conditions

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not ruggedized

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radio tuner knob is over sensitive - easy to overshoot stations

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The Eton FR150 MICROLINK is Eton’s top selling emergency portable radio receiver due to its small size, light weight, and affordable MSRP price of $31.99. Bringing together the most popular features of Voicelink technology, the FR10 can in fact be operated on sunlight alone. By cranking the power and aiming the MICROLINK at the sun, anybody can have immediate access to AM/FM radio, weather bands, and FCC/EAS public alert systems. Although competitors to the Eton FR150 are cheaper and lighter, they do not offer the wide array of functionality inherent to the FR150. According to experts, the Eton FR150 MICROLINK is ideal for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to stay informed no matter what location he or she is at.

  • AM (520-1710 KHz)
  • FM (87-108MHz)
  • NOAA weatherband – all 7 channels
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery and cell phone batteries
  • Built-in 3 white LED light source
  • Can be powered from solar energy, batteries, and a USB connection
  • Built-in cell phone charger with output jack
  • Earphone jack – 3.5 mm socket
  • Dimensions: 4.96” x 2.36” x 1.81” and 126 x 60 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 oz. and 200 g
Post Review
09/19/2011 09:00

I just bought an FR150 to take hiking and to store in mt emergency kit pack. I find that the radio only picks up strong local stations (poor sensitivity) The tuning knob is far too easy to overshoot stations (poor selectivity) and when I tried to recharge my Iphone with it, the Iphone just shoots up an error message that this charger is not recognized and will not charge the Iphone. The only good thing about it is the LED flashlight but since I already have about 2 dozen flashlights, I will be returning the FR150 to the store. I may try a Scorpion since a friend has had better luck with his.

04/10/2011 05:17

I have one of these, and have enjoyed it up until the crank broke - it's really only held in place by a little plastic flange. Any place to get a replacement crank? Elon has a one for another model, not this one.

08/31/2009 06:08

I have had one of these for about a year. They have a new hardware revision that looks slightly different, but mine is the black/red classic as shown in the image. I use it for hiking and camping. The crank power lasts a good amount of time, it works great as an LED flashlight, and the radio works perfectly. It even has a USB port where I could theoretically charge my cell phone, if things got really bad. I highly recommend this product.

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