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The Toshiba SDP74S is a portable DVD player released in February, 2010.

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Screen is vivid, sports great overall image quality.

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Sleek design is quite appealing and quite slim at 1.61".

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Sound quality is surprisingly good for a portable player.

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Headphone audio playback is way too quiet.

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Volume controls are a little inconsistent/insensitive.

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Sometimes takes a while to load a DVD.

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Battery life isn't great compared to similar units on the market.

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The Toshiba SDP74S is a portable DVD player released in February, 2010. This product features a 7-inch widescreen LCD screen and built-in stereo speakers with Dolby decoding. Headphone output with virtual surround sound is supported, along with a mini jack for A/V output to an external display. The weight of the unit is less than 2 pounds; therefore carrying it around for extended periods of time shouldn’t be a problem for most users. Various DVD formats are supported, including retail, DVD-R and DVD-RW recordable discs. Photos (JPEGs) and MP3 music files can be played via the SD/SDHC memory card reader on the device. Toshiba claims the built-in battery lasts approximately 3 hours, however factors such as screen brightness will ultimately affect battery life. An AC adapter, car adapter, remote control and an AV cable are included in the box.

  • 6.9” Widescreen TFT LCD Display
  • Resolution: 480 x 234
  • DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW Compatibility
  • JPEG Viewer
  • Built-in Speakers
  • MP3 Playback (SD/SDHC Card)
  • Dolby Decoding
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Built-in Battery
  • 3-hour Playback Time
  • Remote Control, Car Adapter and AV Cable Included
  • Dimensions & Weight: 7.87 x 1.61 x 6.5 in, 1.96 lbs
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