The Toshiba SD-V295 also includes additional features not mentioned above, such as 3-D virtual surround support.

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The Toshiba SD-V295 is a mid-grade DVD player and VCR combo designed as Toshiba claims to "provide the combined picture quality of a progressive scan DVD player and the convenient recording and playback options of a VCR". More specifically the SD-V295 is designed with simple features to offer a cheaper solution for consumers looking at high-definition DVD playback and VCR playback support. The SD-V295 features full progressive scan DVD support through the ColorStream Pro component video out.

The Toshiba SD-V295 also includes additional features not mentioned above, such as 3-D virtual surround support, JPEG digital photo viewing support, DVD+-R, +-RW support, a one touch recording option, an integrated 24-bit/192KHz digital to analog audio converter, full WMA and MP3 file format playback support, menu multi-language options, standard fast forward, scan, and slow motion functions, and DivX file support.

  • Mid-grade DVD player and VCR combo
  • Progressive scan DVD support through ColorStream Pro component output
  • 14-bit/108MHz DAC video converter
  • 24-bit/192KHz DAC audio converter
  • WMA, MP3, DivX and JPEG support
  • Multi-language menu options
  • 3-D virtual surround
  • One touch recording option
  • Video
    • Video D/A 14-Bit/108MHz
    • ColorStream Pro Progressive Scan Component Video Output
    • DivX Home Theater Certified
    • Full-Featured 4 Head VCR
    • JPEG Viewer
    • Digital Picture Zoom
    • Fast Scan
    • Slow Motion
    • Multi-Camera Angle Select
    • Multi-Language Select
    • Multi-Subtitle Select
  • Audio
    • 24-Bit/192kHz Audio Digital/Analog Converter
    • Dolby Digital and DTS Compatible Output
    • WMA & MP3 Playback
    • 3-D Virtual Surround Sound
    • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Convenience Features
    • Commercial Skip
    • One-Touch Record
    • Remote Control
    • High Speed Rewind/Fast Forward
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • ColorStream Pro Component Video Output
    • Video Output
    • S-Video Output
    • RCA Video Outputs - Rear (1)
    • RCA Video Inputs - Front (1) and Rear (1)
    • L-R Audio Output - Rear (1)
    • L-R Audio Inputs - Front (1) and Rear (1)
    • Coaxial Digital Audio Output
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
    • Without Packaging: 16.95 x 3.53 x 9 (WxHxD)
    • With Packaging: 19.57 x 6.85 x 13.39 (WxHxD)
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