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Features of any device that supports the HD-DVD format.

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Excellent image quality

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Excellent audio quality

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Supports HDMI v1.3 (future-proof, greater color-depth)

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Long startup time; from power on to open tray >50 sec

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Awkward remote control

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Switching inputs on receiver or TV causes the DVD to restart from the beginning

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The Toshiba HD-XA2 is the flagship HD-DVD player which boasts the highest quality playback and features of any device that supports the HD-DVD format. Part of the second generation of HD-DVD players, Toshiba addressed many of the complaints critics and consumers levied against the predecessor, the HD-XA1.

HDMI 1.3 is one of the biggest additions that Toshiba has introduced with the XA2, which allows the output of a full 1080p picture. However, the XA2 can output 1080p at only 60Hz where HD-DVD content is stored at 24Hz, this requires a conversion process that may introduce playback artifacts. The 1.3 specification allows for deeper color output known as TrueColor, which the XA2 supports. Toshiba included advanced audio playback capabilities such as TrueHD decoding, which is a lossless format.

One of the features that Toshiba is advertising is the inclusion of Silicon Optix's Reon VX video processor, which is based on a professional grade hardware, that performs picture enhancement and cleanup on DVD discs. This enhancement runs alongside the XA2's upconversion capabilities (through HDMI only) up to 1080p resolution.

Connectivity ports
  • Ethernet port for updating firmware (as of April 9th, 2007 firmware version is 1.3) and accessing special movie content.
  • Two USB ports for expansion storage.
  • An RS-232 connector for total home control systems.

Video output: component, S-Video, composite, HDMI

Audio output: bitstream digital audio (both optical and coax), and 5.1-channel analog audio

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