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The Toshiba HD-A2 is a value priced HD-DVD player released in late 2006 as a successor to the Toshiba HD-A1.

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Great price. Can be found for $100

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Ethernet port for firmware updates

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Very good upconversion of standard DVDs

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Excellent HD video quality

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Excellent audio clarity - with audio over HDMI support

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Slow load times

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No 1080p or 24p support (max 1080i/60)

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Noisy transport system

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The Toshiba HD-A2 is a value priced HD-DVD player released in late 2006 as a successor to the Toshiba HD-A1.  This revised version of Toshiba's lower end HD-DVD player sports all the same features as the HD-A1, and has subsequently been replaced by the third generation model, the Toshiba HD-A3. Improvements over the previous model come in the form of faster loading and response times, and an improved controller with a more logical button layout. It has a maximum output resolution of 1080i/60, and does not support the newer 1080p or 24p standards. It includes an HDMI output with support for audio over HDMI. The HD-A2 does a good job of upconverting the old DVD format.

  • HD-DVD player (2nd generation)
  • HDMI output with support for audio over HDMI
  • Upconverts old DVDs to 1080i
  • max resolution: 1080i/60
  • does not support 1080p or 24p
  • built-in Ethernet jack for firmware updates
  • dimensions: 16.9" x 13.58" x 2.58"

The HD-A2 originally retailed for $499, but has seen seen a significant price drop to $200, and is currently available for $100 as a sale at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The HD-A2 was originally release in October 2006 as a successor to the HD-A1, and has now been succeeded by the HD-A3 third generation model released a year later in October 2007.

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11/02/2007 04:41

Well I headed out to Walmart at 7:45am this morning only to find out that they only had 20 and were sold out...oh well...I don't usually participate in the madness that is black Friday but I made an exception for this. I'll just wait for more sales to appear and prob will get a player at the $150 price point.

11/02/2007 12:52
Best Buy has a similar deal. Get this player while you can!
11/01/2007 04:43

There's a great deal on this player at Wal-Mart this Friday: $100 (down from $200). Apparently, you're also elligible for 5 free HD-DVDs from Toshiba with a mail-in rebate. via engadget.. thanks krynsky

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