Toro Two Stage / Power Max 726TE/6000

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  • 141 cc Toro H.O. R*Tek 2-Cycle Engine
  • 26" Clearing Width
  • 40' Throw Distance*
  • 1,800 lbs. per minute
  • 6 Forward, 2 Reverse Speeds
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09/16/2011 08:39

What is the differance between the Toro 726OE and the 726TE snowblower?

02/14/2008 10:17

I got a great deal on this slightly used 726TE/6000. I was a bit hesitant because the machine looked rather odd with the concealed engine cover and the stack sticking up that supports the chute mechanism.... let me tell you though...

I LOVE this machine, I had a Sears Craftsman 5hp 2 cycle for 10 years... that little thing held up OK for it's size. I then acquired a Toro Snow Throw 622 4 cycle, it seemed to do OK as I thought, a bit slower than the Sears 2-cycle but handled the heavier stuff well. I then acquired this Toro PowerMax 6000, I paid $500 for this this past summer of 07', the guy who owned it moved out of state, he paid $1000 for it... Anyway, it's like brand new. Our first heavy snow here in Michigan back in December, I pulled the 622 out and the Powermax 6000 out for comparison... ther was no comparison, the PowerMax 6000 ate the 622 up!!! I don't care about spec's on these machines... the Powermax was FASTER, handled MUCH MORE Snow, never felt like it strained to move the heavy stuff!

I have since sold the Sears Craftsman, sold the Power Throw 622, my only machine is the PowerMax 6000.... I have a large corner lot with a 3-car driveway, I am done with my snow in 20 minutes!

We had some realy heavy very wet stuff here at the begining of February, it rained heavy, turned to freezing rain, than all snow, about 8 inches worth.    As I drove through my sub then the adjacent sub taking my son to school, then back again... I noticed the folks out there with their snowblowers...  the fact is thought, they weren't running... the snow was so heavy that their machines couldn't do the job, there were a few big-guns pushing it well.. (Toro's by the way) but most were sitting packed with slush.  So, I got home, fired up my Powermax 6000, it handled the stuff well!!!  It didn't throw it 35 feet like the light stuff, but it was a continuos flow of slush, water, snow, mostly heavy heavy slush.... it handled it, got the job done, I think while some of my neighbors nonchalantly watched with amazement... the same neighbors who chuckled a bit at the size of this machine when I brought it home last August...  yep, they were out shoveling for hours, it took me 1 hour, I did my home, my immediate neighbors home (another corner lot).  They were out there after I completed my job, came in the house, had a coffee, took a shower, and drove off down the street... I beeped and waved!   I LOVE this Machine!  Especially at the price... I sold the Sears Craftsman for $175, sold the Toro 622 for $500 (bought it for $175 put $100 into it), bought the Toro Powermax 6000 for $500 (used but NEW) in the summer... so in a sense, I have an excellent snow machine, all that I need, for $100 !!!

I love the fact that the engine on this Powermax is concealed, I had to touch up the paint on the 622 quite often, rust was always an issue, I had to completely paint the engine on it this past fall... on the Powermax 6000, I just tag some paper toweling and wipe the plastic cover off, and the machine housing... done!

I enjoy the quiet hummm of the 2-cycle engine, so what I have to mix oil and gas once for the season... I don't have to change oil though, less carb issues as well... to me, this Powermax 6000 is a WINNING MACHINE!!! To bad there are so many 4-cycle die hards out there... I had my 4-cycle Toro 622... and I SOLD IT.....  Nuff' Said!

All you other manly men who turn their heads at the PowerMax 6000 and go for the 4-cycle bulky manly machine at your dealer....   you don't know what you are missing out on!  I'm Happy, I guess that's all that matters... Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!          I'm rambling... too much coffee, didn't spell check... sorry!  Good Bye for Now...  




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