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The Toro TimeCutter Z5035 is a high-end riding mower very similar to the Toro TimeCutter Z4235.

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packed tightly and securely for shipping, won't arrive damaged

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view from the seat is perfect, easy to see exactly where the edge of the cutting area is

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ride is comfortable and the seat absorbs vibrations before they reach you

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works fast, will take care of a field in very little time

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manual is in-depth and useful, covers everything you need to know

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takes up to two hours to unpack, with help

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takes a little bit to get used to steering it, need to give yourself some room at first

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The Toro TimeCutter Z5035 is a high-end riding mower very similar to the Toro TimeCutter Z4235. Although the share many similarities, the TimeCutter Z5035 boasts a number of improvements over the TimeCutter Z4235, such as: a more powerful 24hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine (the Z4235 has the 22hp version of this same engine), a larger 50" mowing deck (as opposed to the Z4235's 42" deck) and adjustable armrests.

The TimeCutter Z5035's 24hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine sports a hemispherical engine design and V-valve technology for excellent performance, a smoother cut and long-lasting durability. Its 50" mowing deck features a four inch deep, top discharge deck design for a smooth cut on nearly any terrain while anti-scalp wheels help to eliminate scalping by enabling the deck to flow more evenly. Additionally, the Z5035 sports adjustable armrests in addition to its extra tall padded seat for maximum rider comfort.


  • 24hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine
  • 50" mowing deck
  • Dual Hydrostatic Drive System for a zero degree turn radius
  • Precision steering system
  • 7mph forward ground
  • Heavy duty uni-body steel frame
  • Extra tall seat with adjustable armrests
  • 3 year limited warranty
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