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The Toro TimeCutter Z4235 is a mid-range to high-end riding mower with a zero degree turning radius.

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made with durable heavy-duty components that don't wear out easily

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cut is even and consistent

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engine is powerful enough to handle thick wet grass without stalling

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can handle uneven terrain without much difficulty

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moves quickly across the lawn, good speed

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takes some getting used to for users new to zero-turn mowers

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You wish you had more yard to mow because you just get done too fast!

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tires tend to matte down the grass and may leave small patches that need to be gone over again

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The Toro TimeCutter Z4235 is a mid-range to high-end riding mower with a zero degree turning radius. Although very similar to the Toro TimeCutter Z4200, the Z4235 has one major difference setting it apart: a more powerful 22hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine. Otherwise, the Z4200 and Z4235 both sport the same 42" mowing deck, Dual Hydrostatic Drive System and precision steering system.

The TimeCutter Z4235's 22hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine features a hemispherical engine design and V-valve technology for a smooth, efficient and durable engine. Its 42" mowing deck has a four inch deep, top discharge design for superior cutting performance in even the toughest conditions. Its Dual Hydrostatic Drive System is what gives the Z4235 its zero degree turning radius through independent hydrostatic drive systems anchored the Z4235's uni-body frame. Additionally, the Z4235's precision steering system features dual control levers and allows for smooth operation, eliminating sudden stops and starts.



  • 22hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine
  • 42" mowing deck
  • Dual Hydrostatic Drive System for a zero degree turn radius
  • Precision steering system
  • 7mph forward ground
  • Heavy duty uni-body steel frame
  • 3 year limited warranty
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