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The Toro TimeCutter Z420T is a high-end zero-turn riding mower with a 42" cutting deck.

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On a right turn, it will not cut about 5cm in the middle of the deck

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One only can cut 2-3cm maximum at one time, otherwise the tube between the deck and the bag will get stuck with grass

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Grass remains on top of the sensor, so you will need to get of the machine and clean the sensors each time you empty the grassbag.

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The Toro TimeCutter Z420T is a high-end zero-turn riding mower with a 42" cutting deck. It features a rear-engine design, Recycle-on-Demand technology and a Recycler Cutting System. Additionally, the TimeCutter Z420T sports a 585 cc Kawasaki Twin-Cylinder OHV engine, a simple bag dumping system and a 3-year limited warranty.

The TimeCutter Z420T's rear-engine design provides the rider with a clear, unobstructed view of what lies ahead as opposed to standard riding mowers which sport a front-engine design. Its Recylcer Cutting System allows the TimeCutter Z420T to mince collected grass clippings into a fine mulch while Recycle-on-Demand technology allows the user to switch between bag mode (which contains the clippings) and recycle mode (which spreads the clippings) while mowing. Meanwhile, the TimeCutter Z420T's bag dumping system allows riders to easily dump the 150-litre clipping bag without getting up from the seat.

  • 585 cc Kawasaki Twin-Cylinder OHV engine
  • 42" cutting deck
  • Rear-engine design
  • Recycle-on-Demand technology
  • Recycler Cutting System
  • "Empty From the Seat" bag dumping system
  • 3-year limited warranty
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