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The 20334 is a mid-range model in Toro's line of Recycler lawnmowers.

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can manage steeper inclines fairly well with "personal pace" bar held down

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never stalls, even in tall wet grass

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picks up clippings and puts them in the bag efficiently

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starts fairly consistently over time, usually the first try

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height adjustment is easy to make, can do multiple passes at different heights without much trouble

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no need to choke the engine or make any adjustments

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need to push hard on the "personal pace" bar to get it to go up inclines

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The 20334 is a mid-range model in Toro's line of Recycler lawnmowers. Like all units in the series, it is powered by a Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart engine, but it lacks the low-emissions standard of some higher models. Like the 20333, it is a step up from the 20332, which introduced a self-propel rear-wheel drive system that adjusts to one's walking speed. The 20334 retains this feature and 'Bag On Demand', and adds an electric start option which starts the mower at the turn of a key. It lacks the 20333's blade override function, as well as a washout port, available with other Recyler mowers, so the underside of the mower must be flushed manually. Two years of full warranty coverage are provided.

  • Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart engine
  • Electric start
  • Self propel
  • Adapts to walking speed
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Bag On Demand
  • Single-piece handle
  • 22" cutting deck
  • 6.75 ft-lb gross torque
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Chet Latimer
02/06/2012 05:37

I have nothing but problems with my toro 20334. It is in the shop again. Electric start will turn over many times and never start. The Battery box fills up with grass and when get wet short it out. It has been problem from day one. I have discuss with my dealer, and with Toro Help line with not much help from either.

08/11/2011 09:13

The personal pace bar does not work as needed. You really have to push the personal pace bar to get the mower going. What can I do? Is there an ajustment I can make on the cables? I also have to drag it to get it to go backwards.

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