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The 20330 is the entry-level model in Toro's line of Recycler lawnmowers.

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clean out feature makes it easy to keep the mower clean

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mulching is reliable and doesn't leave any piles behind

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pressure assist handle is easy to use, almost effortless

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rear wheel drive helps on big hills

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engine starts with very little effort, just a casual pull will do

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no way to tell how much oil is left in it

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engine failures come earlier here than on other Toro mowers

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The 20330 is the entry-level model in Toro's line of Recycler lawnmowers. Like all units in the series, it is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, but lacks the low-emissions and electric-start features of some higher models. The 20330 is a self-propel mower with variable speed, and so does not require the user to actively push it; higher-level models adjust automatically to the user's walking speed. Toro includes several features to improve ease of use, including ReadyStart, which eliminates the need to choke or prime the engine, and a port to which the user can attach a garden hose to clean the underside of the mower while right side up. Two years of full warranty coverage are provided.

  • Self propel
  • Variable speed front-wheel drive
  • Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart engine
  • 22" cutting deck
  • Wash-out port
  • Single-piece handle
  • 6.5 ft-lb gross torque
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04/26/2011 09:52

I have had my Toro (2030 model) for over 2 years now and have never had a problem with it. Starts every time even after its been sitting all winter. I recommend it, as much as I mow it was well worth the 300 bucks.

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