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The Toro 20197 is a high-end gas fueled push mower designed with convenience in mind.

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easy to work with, matches its pace to the user

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deck washes out quick and easy, no real effort

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starts on the first try almost every time

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Blade Override handy for maneuvering over rocks and other landscaping

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creates a smooth, even cut that looks professional

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Personal Pace Self Propel doesn't run too slow or too fast

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covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time

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Can be a bit hard to manauver in tight spots, i.e. when pushing on the handle, it sometimes wants to move more than you want it to...

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The Toro 20197 is a high-end gas fueled push mower designed with convenience in mind. It boasts high-end components such as a premium Honda GCV 160 Engine, a cast aluminum cutting deck and an EZ lift clippings bag. In addition, it has a variety of safety and convenience features such as its proprietary Blade Override System which allows you to stop the blade but not the engine for when you need to quickly step away and its Personal Pace Self Propel system which matches your walking speed.

The 20197's Honda GCV 160 Engine is designed to be light, quiet and easy to start as well as emissions friendly while its durable cast aluminum cutting deck converts from mulching, side discharging, or rear bagging easily. Its EZ lift clippings bag is designed for simple removing with one hand. Its Blade Override System is a convenient safety feature that allows you to only shut off the blade, leaving the engine ready for your return, eliminating unnecessary restarts. Additionally, the 20197's Personal Pace Self Propel system with rear wheel drive automatically detects and adapts to your walking speed, making the 20197 very easy to use.

  • Honda GCV 160 Engine
  • Cast aluminum cutting deck
  • EZ lift clippings bag
  • Blade Override System allows for blade only shutdowns
  • Personal Pace Self Propel system matches walking speed of the user
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 5 year full network
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