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Using a TomTom GPS Sport Watch is the easiest way to improve your running.

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The TomTom Runner Cardio Watch is a higher-end exercise aid from TomTom that integrates GPS tracking with timing and workout statistic functions. One of its main features is the inclusion of a heart-rate monitor that uses an optical sensor to measure blood flow and heart rate. This is intended to be a major advantage over similar products that require additional accessories to monitor heart rate. It also allows runners to receive notifications and alerts when their heart rate reaches a certain point, which can help in workout design and monitoring. Like the previous versions of the Runner, the Cardio version tracks and display pace, speed, distance, and calories burned. The Multisport Cardio connects to cycling sensors like speed and cadence using Bluetooth Smart. Data can be uploaded to certain proprietary and third-party fitness-tracking sites like TomTom’s MySports, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks or Strava.

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  • Integrated heartrate monitor
  • Graphical "Training Partner" feature
  • Single-button control
  • Large display
  • Fast GPS satellite locator
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Lightweight
  • Heart rate alerts
  • Custom workouts
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Heart Rate Workout Settings

The TomTom Runner allows users to set a target heart rate zone based on the following categories. It directs the wearer when intensity should be altered.

  • Sprint: mostly used as part of interval training. 
  • Speed: high tempo training to improve your speed and fitness. 
  • Endure: moderate to high tempo training to improve your lung and heart capacity. 
  • Fat Burn: moderate tempo training, great for weight loss. 
  • Easy: easy tempo training, mostly used for warm-up and cool down.
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Technical Specifications

  • Scratch-resistant display
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Waterproof up to 165 ft (50 meters)/ 5ATM
  • Up-to 8 hour battery life (including GPS and heart monitor)
  • Desk Dock to charge and sync
  • Multiple strap options
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Color Options

  • White
  • Black
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