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The TomTom XXL 535 T is a mid-cost car GPS receiver.

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interface is intuitive, don't have to play with the controls looking for the right option

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RDS-TMS built into the car charger, no need for an extra suction-cupped antenna wire

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screen is large and sharp, easy to read

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maps are detailed, include remote gravel roads

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downloading updates is easy and fast

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no direct support for Windows 7, some compatibility issues

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doesn't handle missed turns very gracefully

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some areas have issues where improper directions are given

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The TomTom XXL 535 T is a mid-cost car GPS receiver. In promotion, TomTom emphasizes the fact that the XXL 535 T has a five inch display screen, which makes it easier to see than smaller GPS screens. The IQ Routes technology of this GPS receiver automatically calculates the fastest route possible to where you are going. It does this using actual average speeds, as opposed to just using speed limits. The RDC-TMC traffic receiver ensures that your routes are always planned with the current traffic in mind. The advanced lane guidance of the XXL 535 T gets specific when you are coming up to difficult traffic situations. The spoken instructions of this GPS receiver include street names, and come in a variety of languages. The TomTom MapShare technology allows you to add and alter maps, as well as keep in touch with what other TomTom users have updated. The TomTom XXL 535 T has the same specs as the closely related XXL 540 WTE, but it has no lifetime map update feature (in return, the XXL 540 WTE does not come with the RDS-TMC traffic receiver, but is compatible with it). 

  • 5" color display
  • IQ Routes technology
  • Advanced lane guidance
  • Spoken instructions (w/ street names)
  • TomTom MapShare technology
  • EasyPort mount
  • Help Me! menu
  • Plug and Go design
  • Lifetime RDS-TMC traffic receiver
  • Points of Interest menu
  • TomTom HOME desktop software
  • QuickGPSFix
  • Speed alerts
  • USB car charger
  • USB cable
  • Adhesive disk
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