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The TomTom XL 330 and 330S are part of the XL series of automotive GPS receivers.

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easy to set up

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fast to start up and acquire signal

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maps can be updated to the latest available within 30 days of purchase

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car plug enters the unit from below - awkward and difficult

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maps come really out of date

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expensive map updates

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poor mount

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refurbished units don't come with the latest map guarantee

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instruction manual is poor

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The TomTom XL 330 and 330S are part of the XL series of automotive GPS receivers. Both units come equipped with a 4.3-inch high-resolution widescreen, TomTom's MapShare technology for personalization and updated information, traffic information and voice instruction. They both feature Plug-and-Go installation and EasyPort mounting for quick set-up and multi-vehicle use. The XL 330S is different from the XL 330 as it features a built-in text-to-speech function.

  • 4.3-inch high-resolution widescreen
  • MapShare technology
  • Personalization, updates, traffic information and voice instruction features
  • Plug-and-Go installation
  • EasyPort mounting
  • XL 330S features text-to-speech functionality
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10/02/2008 08:42

I have the 330s, I really like it, the screen is large, it boots up fast and is really to go almost instantly. The 330s reads out the street names also, which is great, as sometimes you don't even need to look at the screen. Also, if you do make a wrong turn it very quickly works out another route to keep you heading in the right direction.
On the main screen it tells you, your speed, miles away from your target destination, which lane to get in (even if the turn is 5 miles ahead), current time, time you will arrive at your destination.

I wish for the price, that it came with a carry pack.

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