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The TomTom ONE 140 and ONE 140-S are similarly featured entry-level GPS devices.

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affordable prices

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text-to-speech feature of the 140-S is worth the $20 upgrade from the 140

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includes Advanced Lane Guidance (visual depiction of complex highway junctions)

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Quick Menu (allows users to customize their menu to include up to 6 of their most used features)

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includes IQ Routes (bases routes on historical traffic data)

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good value - high end features for a low cost

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include Mexico and Puerto Rico in North America (usually only Canada and USA)

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no external expansion card slot

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no Bluetooth phone interface

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no live updates

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poor mounting bracket

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The TomTom ONE 140 and ONE 140-S are similarly featured entry-level GPS devices. The ONE 140 is exactly the same as the ONE 140-S, except for the added text-to-speech functionality, which is used for street names and places. The TomTom ONE 140/140-S sports a black bezel with chrome trim, unlike its predecessor (ONE 130-S), which was outfitted with a gray design. Both models feature a 3.5” LCD screen and a removable suction-cup mounting bracket. Improvements in the ONE 140 include a “Quick Menu,” which allows fast access to up to six common GPS functions. Maps have been improved, including seven million points of interests across the U.S. & Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. ONE 140 owners will also get “Advanced Lane Guidance,” which shows what lane the driver should be in. Live traffic is not included; one must purchase a separate traffic receiver and also pay a yearly subscription fee.


  • 3.5” LCD touchscreen
  • Preloaded maps on internal memory (no SD slot)
  • Text-to-speech for street names and places
  • IQ Routes (calculates the optimal route based on average speeds from other TomTom owners)
  • Advanced Lane Guidance (suggests the best lane to be in for your trip)
  • Points of Interest (over seven million)
  • Dimensions & weight: 3.0” x 3.6” x 0.8”, 6.8 ounces (including mount)
  • Internal Lithium-Ion battery (up to 3 hours)

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