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Launched in late August 2008, the Go x40 Series is the next generation car GPS units by TomTom.

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new wireless service for up to date traffic, gas, speedtraps etc. could be as revolutionary as GPS itself once was

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currently only available in a small number of countries

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another monthly subscription charge

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Launched in late August 2008, the Go x40 Series is the next generation car GPS units by TomTom. Made up of the GO 940 LIVE, 740 LIVE and 540 LIVE, the new units feature a new and improved graphical user interface, voice control and version of TomTom's proprietary IQ Routes, an intelligent route system which connects to TomTom's wireless service for up-to-date information on traffic on all roads between you and your destination. If a faster route is calculated, it will automatically change the path you will take. This wireless system, called Traffic High Definition, which is currently only available in the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland and the Netherlands, will also carry information on up-to-date a local search function powered by Google, fuel prices, and the location of user reported speed traps in the area. The new models will primarily be sold in Europe, and there it will start at $544US and $20US for access to the live wireless service. The company is expecting to expand the service to include other countries, but no details have been released at this time.

  • new Traffic High Definition wireless system can update quickest routes based on up-to-date traffic conditions
  • allows users access to local Google search, as well as current gas prices and speed trap locations
  • full hands-free voice control (over 100 tasks)
  • new car dock system allows the unit to be easily secured and charged at the same time
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