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The TomTom Go Live 1000 is a GPS device set to be released in Europe sometime this summer, and the U. S. Soon after.

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webkit based UI

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comes with a year of TomTom Live services - for up to date information on traffic, gas prices, weather, etc..

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4GB of internal storage

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capacitive touchscreen

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can adjust volume automatically based on the ambient noise level

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industry's fastest route planning / re-routing - instantaneous once it has a satellite lock

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instantaneous re-routing is not instantaneous at all, takes a few seconds

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difficult to justify for a large number of consumers with the free turn-by-turn navigation functionality of most smart phones

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The TomTom Go Live 1000 is a GPS device set to be released in Europe sometime this summer, and the U.S. soon after. The Go Live 1000 is intended to compete with smartphone-based GPS applications, such as Google’s free Map Navigation service for Android. The Go Live 1000 runs on an ARM 11 500MHz CPU, a webkit-based user interface and a capacitive touchscreen similar to those used for the Apple iPhone/iPad platform. This GPS unit has been designed with connectivity at the forefront, allowing third party software and services to access localization data pulled from the device. Updates are delivered over the air, eliminating the need for users to connect the GPS to a computer. The TomTom Go Live 1000 features a one-year subscription to their LIVE connected services, including: HD Traffic, IQ Routes, mobile speed cameras and local search in sixteen countries. Users will have to pay after the first year to continue using TomTom’s LIVE services.

  • ARM 11 500MHz CPU
  • Webkit-based user interface
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • LIVE Connected Services (free one-year subscription)
  • HD Traffic
  • IQ Routes
  • Mobile speed cameras
  • Local search in sixteen countries
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