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The TomTom Go I-90 is a double DIN in-dash GPS receiver with removable touchscreen LCD.

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Interfaces with steering wheel controls

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Removable touchscreen/use as personal navigation device (PND)

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Navigational voice commands through car speakers

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All-in-one dashboard unit with 4x40watt amp, AM/FM RDS radio, USB and Bluetooth capability

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The TomTom Go I-90 is a double DIN in-dash GPS receiver with removable touchscreen LCD that fits into the dashboard where you would normally put a radio or music player. It has been designed to replace those devices as an all-in-one 'infotainment' center that has a built-in 4 x 40 watt amplifier, AM/FM radio with RDS, a USB port for connecting MP3 players and iPods and a TMC receiver that integrates with your cars antenna for getting important traffic updates. The unit also promises to be compatible with a wide range of mobile phones for hands free calling, and it works with the car speaker system to provide voice commands. Speaking of navigation, the Go I-90 comes preloaded with maps of Western Europe and is set to be released in Europe in December 2009. Standard TomTom features have also been included such as Map Share for access to publicly distributed routes, Help Me! emergency menu, Enhanced Positioning Technology for tracking while in black spots such as tunnels and the ability to connect to the steering wheel controls.

  • Double DIN style in-dash design
  • Removable LCD touchscreen for use as a PND(portable navigation device)
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • 4x40 watt amplifier
  • AM/FM radio(RDS)
  • USB connectivity
  • TMC receiver
  • Connect to steering wheel controls
  • Preloaded with maps of Western Europe
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