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The Go 740 LIVE is a GPS navigational unit from TomTom.

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voice command/control

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the next step for GPS units - live traffic, gas prices, weather, emergency warnings and other interactive features

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improved 4.3" resistive touchscreen

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LIVE service requires a monthly subscription

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slow application load/download times

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ugly map interface

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screen is washed out and lacks brightness compared to similarly priced competitors

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live traffic updates aren't current enough

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LIVE service reports data back to other drivers (potential privacy issue)

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Introduced in late August 2008 in Europe and shown off at CES 2009 scheduled for American release in the second half of 2009, the Go 740 LIVE is a GPS navigational unit from TomTom. Featuring a 4.3" touchscreen, IQ Routes technology, voice command and control and Hands-free calling - the Go 740 LIVE also includes the most important addition to GPS receivers since their inception - real-time services. The Go 740 LIVE is the first in TomTom's line to include TomTom's LIVE services, a cellphone subscription based service that updates the unit on safety allerts, fuel prices, weather, traffic and other interactive features such as google destination search and 'Buddies' - a cool tool that lets you locate your friends with your GPS navigator. Available in select countries in Europe, North America and South America, the service subscription fees vary.

  • Display: 4.3" widescreen 16:9 LCD, 480x272px resolution
  • Storage: 2GB internal memory, microSD card for expansion
  • Dimensions & Weight: 127x85x23mm, 224g
  • Extras:
    • Voice command and control
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Lithium-polymer battery (up to 3 hours of operation with a full charge)
    • integrated microphone and speaker
    • GPRS connectivity for LIVE service
    • Multiple language support
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