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The TomTom GO 510 is a standard GPS navigation receiver part of TomTom's GO series that includes the higher end GO 910.

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Solid performance at a decent price

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Large screen makes for easy reading

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No text-to-speech so no street names are voiced

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The TomTom GO 510 is a standard GPS navigation receiver part of TomTom's GO series that includes the higher end GO 910. One of the main selling points for the GO series is the plug and play nature. The device comes preloaded with the standard map data, and preconfigured settings so it starts working as soon as it is out of the box. All controls for the 510 occur through the 4" touch screen that features a resolution of 480x272. Routes and other information can be loaded onto the 510 by using the Home dock, and connecting the GPS to your computer.

Maps and directions for the United States and Canada come preloaded on the TomTom's 1GB SD card. The data on the card can be modified, updated and replaced independent of the TomTom itself. Navigation directions are given in one of 36 different languages, with the option to use one of 50 different voices. Real-time traffic and weather information is available, but requires a subscription to the TomTom PLUS service which is only available in Europe. Thousands of points of interest come with the data, allowing you to search for "pizza" or other convenient stops directly from the 510 itself.

On top of the GPS functionality TomTom includes Bluetooth and iPod connectivity to extend the 510's usefulness. Bluetooth enabled cell phones can connect to the 510 and use the integrated speakers and microphone as a hands free set. The TomTom can also connect to Bluetooth enabled cars to pipe music out of the car's speakers. iPod connectivity allows for the 510 to navigate and play music and podcasts stored on your iPod from the touchscreen itself. The iPod audio can then be played through the 510's speakers or sent through the car's speaker system.

The 510 replaces the previous generation TomTom GO 700 with a larger screen and improved specifications.

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12/03/2007 08:35

This is a very sucessful model in UK. Great product from Tom Tom.

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