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Tivo TCD748000 Digital Video Recorder TCD748000 Digital Video Recorders.

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The TiVo® Premiere XL DVR brings the ideal entertainment from cable and the web together in one place, on one easy-to-use remote, with one simple search across everything. It replaces your cable box and plugs into your existing cable service. So return your old cable box and with the money you save every month step up to a truly Brilliant TV experience. Record seven times as much HD programming as cable DVRs. Get integrated Search results from TV and the web. Schedule remotely from your iPad®, smart phone or laptop. Replace your cable box and eliminate monthly cable box rental fee.

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  • Connects to your cable service and replaces your cable box; monthly subscription required
  • Records up to 150 hours of HD programming
  • Record your favorite shows and discover new ones with TiVo's new HD interface
  • Full HD support, including 1080i and 1080p
  • THX Certified for exceptional sound and video quality
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The ultimate search party

If there's entertainment you love, you'll find it here. Not only does Premiere find what you want on TV, it seamlessly combines search results from the web and cable.

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Instantly watch movies & TV episodes from Netflix on your TiVo® box

Netflix on TiVo†† puts thousands of titles at your fingertips instantly. TiVo customers who have a Netflix unlimited membership can instantly watch thousands of movies & TV episodes from Netflix via any broadband-connected TiVo box — with many titles in brilliant HD.

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Browse and discover by category

Our handy Collections feature lets you to find great things to watch by category or genre, like Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe or Sundance winners.

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Get Amazon Instant Video movies & TV shows on your TiVo box

With Amazon Instant Video, movies are typically available the same day they are released on DVD. TV shows are typically available within days of the original broadcast. And now hundreds of new releases and all the latest episodes of your favorite shows are available in HD.

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Free TiVo App for iPad® and iPhone®

Get the most out of your TiVo DVR with our free iPad/iPhone app. Put the power of TiVo at your fingertips as you browse, explore, schedule and share without interrupting the show you're watching. You can also schedule recordings from your phone or computer.

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Why settle for just watching TV? Experience Brilliant TV.

Brilliant TV is all the shows, movies, web videos and music you want, whenever you want them. It's the world's largest video store at your fingertips. It's millions of videos from YouTube™ and millions of songs from Pandora and Rhapsody®—all on your HDTV. It's being delighted by intelligent suggestions for new shows, and discovering great things to watch through collections of shows you can't find on cable.

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What You’ll Need

  • Subscription to the TiVo service via a broadband or phone line connection
  • Cable TV, antenna or Verizon FiOS® connection (Does not support satellite or AT&T U-verse)
  • One Multistream CableCARD™ decoderfrom your cable company (may be required to receive all ­digital cable channels)
  • Optional TiVo Wireless Network Adapter(for connection to a wireless network) or TiVo Phone Line Adapter(for connecting via a phone line)
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What's Included

  •  TiVo Premiere XL
  • TiVo Glo remote
  • Instruction manual and quick-start guide
  • Cables (includes HDMI cable)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my subscription to HBO when I lose my cable box?

    You just have to give a call to your cable company and ask them for a "Cable Card", and in some cases a "tuning adapter". The cable card looks like an old PCMCIA card and inserts just one way into the back of your new Tivo. It costs a couple of bucks per month from the cable company, but well worth it to add the additional functionality and interface enhancements that you get with Tivo.

  • What is the size of the hard drive? Is it one Terrabyte?

    The Premiere XL4 is 2 Terabytes, so it MAY be that the regular Premiere XL is one Terabyte.

  • If i have a TiVo on one TV and a cable box on a second TV, will the TiVo act as a multiroom DVR for the cable box on the second TV?

    I would suggest another TiVo or refer to about the TiVo set-top that pulls live feeds without conversion. when you get real comfortable I'll bring you up to speed on pytivo and streambaby.

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