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Nero LiquidTV is a software-only version of the popular TiVo DVR system.

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HD recording capability

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Transcoding to portable media such as iPod, iPhone, PSP

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Effectively unlimited storage capacity

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Less expensive alternative to TiVo if you have existing hardware

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The TiVo experience brought to the PC

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software/hardware package includes IR Blaster for connecting to digital set-top boxes

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Subscription Based

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Host computer needs to be running at all times for scheduled recordings

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Requires a PC + TV Tuner card

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Needs to be setup with IR Blaster for set-top boxes

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Nero LiquidTV is a software-only version of the popular TiVo DVR system. Since the TiVo DVR hardware is fairly similar to a typical PC, Nero has teamed up with TiVo to create a software package that delivers the same TiVo experience to a PC. The key benefits to such a system is that 1) it effectively removes the upper limit of storage capacity because of the upgradeability of a PC, 2) a cheaper alternative to a TiVO if you have a spare PC and tuner card, and 3) built-in transcoding capabilities to put recorded content on to you portable media (iPod, iPhone, PSP). There are two versions of the TiVo PC available: 1) a software/hardware package for $199 that comes with the software, remote, IR blaster, and 1-year subscription to the TiVo service, and 2) a software only package for $99 that includes the software and a the 1-year subscription. Either way, after the first year, the subscription will have to be renewed for $99 / year to maintain the full capabilities.

  • Software version of the popular TiVo DVR system
  • Same TiVo interface as hardware solution
  • Requires PC + TV Tuner card
  • two versions available:
    • software/hardware for $199: includes software, remote, IR blaster, 1-year subscription
    • software-only for $99: includes software + 1-year subscription
  • Export recorded program to portable media players
  • Schedule TV recordings online (Canada and US)
  • Pause Live TV
  • Standard TiVo features: Season Pass, WishList
  • Release date: mid-October 2008
Post Review
10/08/2008 09:28

You still have to pay the stupid subscription fee, which is complete bogus. Anyone that knows enough about computers to have a tuner card won't use software that requires a subscription.

10/06/2008 01:26

So for $199 (or $99), how many PCs can you legally put this software on?

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