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Titleist's Z Muscle Forged Irons are higher-end irons and are intended for experienced golfers.

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gets great distance when hit correctly, penetrates far

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provide good feedback on contact, know right away if its a mis-hit

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clean and classic design, look smart at address

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feel is smooth and buttery when hit properly

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allow for a good deal of workability if needed

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need to be careful to keep them dry or they'll rust

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club face starts to look pretty worn within a few rounds, gets scuffed up quickly

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not a lot of forgiveness, need to be very precise with your swings

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Titleist's Z Muscle Forged Irons are higher-end irons and are intended for experienced golfers. The main focus of the set is to provide ball control. These clubs have effectively the same specifications as the Z Blend Forged set, except that all of the models in the Muscle set have full muscle backs. This is mainly a matter of personal preference, the weight is simply not distributed around the perimeter of the club as it is in the cavity back set, meaning that the sweet spot is smaller, but the ball can travel a bit further. The minimum loft angle for the Muscle back is slightly higher than that of the Blend, and the Muscle-backs provide slightly more bounce. The clubs are made of mild carbon steel, and they have narrow soles that are supposed to reduce ball skipping in firm conditions and reduce digging as well. There are two hosel lengths in the set, the longer one being used on the lower irons for further flight distance, and the shorter on the higher irons for higher launching capabilities. The irons are available with either steel or graphite shafts, though the graphite ones add a bit to the price.

  • MSRP: $125 per iron
  • 1020 mild carbon steel
  • Stylish Z-back cavity design
  • Cavity-back long irons, partial cavity-back short irons
  • Graphite or steel shafts, add $25 per iron for graphite
  • Minimal progressive offset (.150" 2 Iron, .075" pitching wedge)
  • Loft: 21 degrees (2 Iron) - 47 degrees (PW), customizable by two degrees
  • D2 swingweight (all)
  • Bounce: 2 degrees (2 Iron) - 8 (PW)
  • Narrow sole
  • Focuses on shot control
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