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The Titleist 910H is a mid-cost hybrid golf club.

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Accurate- well struck shots will go where you want it

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Will produce above average length

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More advanced golfers should be able to work the ball in both directions

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Dark finish is visually appealing

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Gets the ball out of thicker rough and fairway bunkers well

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You can probably find a more forgiving hybrid on the market

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The Titleist 910H is a mid-cost hybrid golf club. Titleist promotes the 2011 910H as offering improvements in flight, fit, looks, feel and sound over previous models. The head of this club has been completely redesigned in order to promote higher launch with less spin. This design helps with control and consistency. This head is able to perform in a variety of conditions. Another new feature of the 910H from previous models is the SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel technology. This technology allows you to make precise, independent loft and lie adjustments, which promotes better flight with more control. The full profile and square toe of this club help with alignment, so that you can shoot with confidence. The Tour Velvet 360° grip of the 910H contributes to a consistent feel. There are size and shaft options available for the Titleist 910H hybrid golf club.

  • Size options
  • Shaft options
  • Redesigned head
  • SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel technology
  • Flighted performance
  • Full profile
  • Square toe
  • Color: Black
  • Tour Velvet 360° grip
Size Options
  • 17º - 57.75º lie, 41" length, .5º open face
  • 19º - 58º lie, 40.5" length, .5º open face
  • 21º - 58.5º lie, 40" length, .5º open face
  • 24º -  59º lie, 39.5" length, .5º open face
Shaft Options
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'ahina 90 for Titleist - S flex, 91 gram weight, +2" max length, 2.5° torque, mid/high flex point, low/mid trajectory
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai'li 80 for Titleist - R/S flex, 80/81 gram weight, +2" max length, 3.4°/2.8° torque, mid flex point, mid trajectory
  • Titleist Tour Velvet 360° Rubber - Round core, .580" size
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