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The Titleist 910F is a mid-cost fairway wood.

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shaft is light and well balanced, improves handling dramatically

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finish takes a lot of use without wearing

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consistent trajectory for every shot

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works well on all kinds of courses, regardless of par

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shots go long naturally, do not need to put a big swing to get big results

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flexible design works with any lie, easy to adjust the shot to suit conditions

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sets up well at address, easy to get lined up right

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The Titleist 910F is a mid-cost fairway wood. Titleist promotes the 2011 910F model as offering improvements in flight, fit, looks, feel and sound over previous models. The thin crown and weighting scheme of the 910F create a low and deep center of gravity. This helps to make launching off the turf easier. The SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel of this golf club helps you to make precise loft and lie adjustments independent of each other. This means that you can fine-tune ball flight to improve distance and accuracy. The head of the 910F, which Titleist promotes as their most technologically advanced to date, offers long, straight shots from turf or tee. The Tour Velvet 360° grip of this club contributes to its consistent feel. This golf club differs from the identically priced 910Fd model in that the 910Fd is designed to be a fairway driver, and so is only made for use off the tee (its larger volume head design reflects this). There are size and shaft options for the Titleist 910F fairway wood.

  • Shaft options
  • Size options
  • Thin crown
  • SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel
  • Advanced head technology
  • Traditional look
  • Improved feel and sound
  • Tour Velvet 360° grip
  • Color: Black
Shaft Options
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'ahina 82 for Titleist - S Flex, 82 gram weight, +2" max length, 3.1° torque, mid/high flex point, low/mid trajectory
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai'li 75 for Titleist - R/S flex, 72/74 gram weight, +2" max length, 4.5º/3.7º torque, mid flex point, mid trajectory
  • Precision Project X Tour Issue X-8C4 - 6.0 flex, 82 gram weight, +2" max length, 3.2° torque, mid/high flex point, low/mid trajectory
  • Titleist Tour Velvet 360° Rubber - Round core, .580" size
Size Options
  • 13.5º - 57º lie, 43" length, .5º open face angle
  • 15º - 57º lie, 43" length, .5º open face angle
  • 17º - 57.5º lie, 42.5" length, .5º open face angle
  • 19º - 58º lie, 42" length, .5º open face angle
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