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The Thule 513 Domestique is a factory-rack compatible fork mount bike rack that's compatible with all factory rack crossbars.

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Stable, lightweight design is both safe and reliable - performs well in windy freeway applications with minimal noise/vibration

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Easy to install - includes all necessary hardware and tools, alongside clear and easy-to-follow directions

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Integrates smoothly within existing bike bar units - significantly increases capabilities of most stock carriers

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Sleek aesthetic is conducive to modern, low-profile vehicles - doesn't stand out or draw unwanted attention like bulkier units from Swagman and Yakima

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Positional adjustability is finicky and counterintuitive - hatchback configuration is especially difficult, even with round-barred bikes

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Hard plastic components are not entirely reliable - head block is of especially worrisome quality, seemingly prone to theft/breakage

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Not recommended for users with bikes of varying size - fork tension adjustment is awkward, difficult and ultimately frustrating

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Carrier is very easy to remove without a bike attached - bolts can be removed/unscrewed in seconds with only an allan key

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The Thule 513 Domestique is a factory-rack compatible fork mount bike rack that’s compatible with all factory rack crossbars, as well as any style of Thule roof rack bar. Featured is an aerodynamic, durable aluminum construction for stability, a lockable stainless steel skewer with an over-sized lever for secure loading / unloading, and an adjustable wheel strap with an integrated wheel stabilizer for secure transporting. According to user reviews, the Thule 513 Domestique is easy to install and easy to use. Plus it has no difficulty dealing with high-speed driving and windy conditions. It carries bikes with wheelbases up to 48” and tire widths up to 2.3”.

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Lockable Stainless Steel Skewer
  • Over-sized Lever
  • Adjustable Wheel Strap
  • Integrated Wheel Stabilizer
  • Clamps to All Factory Racks
  • Accommodates All Disc-Brakes
  • Accommodates All Suspensions
  • Secure At High Speeds
  • All Hardware Included
  • Optional Thule Lock & Key
  • Lifetime Warranty
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