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The Grill-2-Go is a 33 pound portable propane grill from Thermos that collapses into separate parts for easier storage.


Easy to clean

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Can be stored away easily

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Legs aren't very stable

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Does not get hot enough

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The Grill-2-Go is a 33 pound portable propane grill from Thermos that collapses into separate parts for easier storage. While Thermos uses the grill name, people have made the point that due to the cooking surface being a full cover this is actually a griddle, no direct contact is ever made by the grill's flames or smoke onto the food.

One pound propane tanks work best, but full four pound tanks are compatible with an extra accessory and hose. There are two different cooking surfaces, one is flat that Thermos calls the griddle area, and the other a ridged surface that Thermos calls the grill.

Thermos has included various storage compartments to aid in the portable convenience. There are individual places for the tongs and spatula, and a garbage receptacle is available on the side, along with a propane tank holder. The handle itself is an light that can be removed and used as a flashlight.

Two independent burners with individual control dials, an igniter, and level are all built in. A removable grease bin is also available and constructed in a way that makes for easy cleaning.

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What's Included

  • Removable grease tray
  • QuickSet legs
  • Sideshelves
  • Tool storage
  • Handle
  • Locking latch
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  • Rust-resistant aluminized steel body; stainless steel burner system
  • 310-square-inch Dupont Teflon nonstick cooking surface with 60% grate and 40% griddle
  • Built-in heat indicator, leveling arm, and igniter
  • Breaks down into two pieces for flexible storage and easy transportation
  • Grill2Go in the wild

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    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go in the wild

    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go in the wild

  • Grill2Go in forest

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    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go in forest

    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go in forest

  • Grill2Go being held

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    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go being held

    Thermos Grill2Go: Grill2Go being held

Post Review
06/14/2013 12:00

bought one at a flea market there was no stand with it it work ok i would never bye a new one ok here the kicker you can no longer get the stand or the legs for this from thermos or other places if you can get the stand or legs your lucky im making my own stand i can only see this grill working good on egg/bacon/pancake an hashbrown lol if not i hope it a good food warmer! only payed 10 dollars for it

04/27/2013 12:00

We hav had one for years and love it. We need to replace it but not sure where. It was given to us as a gift. Use it at all family cook outs. Anyone know where to buy one?



05/29/2013 12:00

I have one for sale in like new condition for $140.00
My email is:
08/04/2008 12:00

We have inherited this item. Should there be some type of connector for the gas pipe? There is, on the right hand side, a 'safety pin' type clip, which is rusty. Do we need to replace this before we can use the Grill and if so, where can we buy this item? We live in Spain.



06/14/2013 12:00

na i should work fine jst keep a eye on it!

06/18/2007 12:00

I like this bbq, but it seems pretty expensive for a portable grill. It's unlikely that you're going to be doing any hardcore cookouts from the back of your car.)



07/30/2012 12:00

We grill out all the time before footbal games, reunions, etc. ... It is a great grill.



08/30/2012 12:00

I am looking for this grill where can I get one. We have had one for years and love it but is time to replace it but want one just like it.

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