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The Thermaltake Spedo is a high-end custom desktop PC case.

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great air flow - uses a thermal chamber with the power supply on the bottom

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interior - lots of room with an easy-to-use cable management system

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great manufacturer warranty - 3 years

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fully painted interior - matches the black exterior

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build quality - uses lots of plastic components

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poor hard drive bay rack - requires too much force to properly install drives

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no easy way to control the built-in fans - they terminate in a 4-pin Molex connection

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heavy - weighs more than the average case

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The Thermaltake Spedo is a high-end custom desktop PC case. It is more specifically designed for "gamers" which doesn't necessarily mean video game enthusiasts; it just simply refers to power users who require maximum performance rigs. The Spedo features a complete cable management system to help keep the wires clean and organized, an "advanced thermal chamber" which allows air to flow freely through the case which helps cut down on hardware overheating issues, an advanced tool-free setup system for easy hardware installation, and a bottom positioned power supply insert to allow for easier installation and better management.

The Thermaltake Spedo custom PC case also includes additional features such as full support for up to 8 case fans, a completely swappable hard drive cage (3.5" or 5.25"), a hot swapping body design for a 23cm side case fan, and a fully adjustable fan bar which redirects air flow to the CPU or VGA sections.

  • High-end custom desktop PC case
  • Engineered cable management system
  • Advanced thermal chamber
  • Tool-free setup system for easy installation
  • Bottom positioned PSU
  • Support for up to 8 total case fans
  • Completely swappable HDD cage (3.5" or 5.25")
  • Hot swapping body design for use with a 23cm side case fan
  • Fully adjustable fan bar
  • Case Type: Full-tower
  • Cooling System:
    • Front (intake): 140 x 140 x 25 mm Red LED fan, 1000rpm, 16 dBA
    • Rear (exhaust): Two 120 x 120 x 25 mm TurboFan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
    • Top (exhaust):  120 x 120 mm fan (optional), CPU (exhaust) : 120 x 120 mm fan (optional)
    • Fanbar (intake): 120 x 120 x 25 mm TurboFan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
    • Side (intake): 230 x 230 x 20 mm fan, 800rpm, 15dBA
  • Drive Bays: 
    • 5.25” drive bay : 7
    • 3.5” drive bay : 1(Converted from one 5.25” drive bay)
    • 3.5” drive bay (Hidden) : 6
  • Material:
    • Front bezel: Metal mesh
    • Chassis: SECC
  • Color: Exterior and interior black
  • Rear Expansion Slots: 8
  • Side Panel: Transparent Window
  • Motherboards: Micro ATX , Standard ATX
  • I/O Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, e-SATA connector x 1, HD Audio
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: 28.7 pounds
    • 536.0 x 232.0 x 610.0 mm
    • 21.1 x 9.1x 24.0 inches
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