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The Thermaltake Kandalf LCS is a High-end "performance" custom desktop PC case designed for more advanced computer users.

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Awesome at keeping dust out of its interior and away from components.

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Integrated liquid cooling = super quiet performance.

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Interior is spacious, offers plenty of room in which to work.

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Really does run even beefed up CrossFire/SLI rigs at cool temperatures.

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Outlandish amount of expansion bays--6 internal 3.5", 2 front-accessible 3.5", up to 9 5.25"

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Cooling system installation instructions are pretty unhelpful/vague.

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Weighs quite a bit on its own (14.61 kg), let alone when set up completely.

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The Thermaltake Kandalf LCS is a High-end "performance" custom desktop PC case designed for more advanced computer users. The overall body structure of the Kandalf LCS is designed to allow plenty of space for hardware installation and air flow to keep the interior nice and cool. The most prominent feature of the LCS model is the integrated liquid cooling system which can be used to overclock hardware for maximum performance. The Kandalf LCS features support for up to 11 5.25" hard drives, compatibility for ATX and BTX motherboards, and a plethora of additional cooling fans.

The Thermaltake Kandalf LCS includes additional features such as a front placed 360mm radiator equipped with 3 silent 120mm fans, a transparent side panel, a top ventilation port (62% opening ratio), a small built-in compartment to hold loose items, a retractable foot stand, and a stylish metallic finish.

  • High-end performance desktop case
  • Spacious interior/exterior body structure
  • Integrated liquid cooling system
  • Support for up to 11 5.2" HDDs
  • A plethora of additional cooling fans
  • Front placed 360mm radiator used to provide additional cooling
  • Fully compatible with all ATX and BTX motherboards
  • Unique top ventilation port (62% opening ratio)
  • Integrated retractable foot stand
  • Stylish metallic black finish
  • Case Type: Super Tower
  • Side Panel: Transparent Window
  • Dimensions
    • Net Weight: 14.61 kg
    • (H*W*D): 540.0 mm x 220.0 mm x 640.0 mm
  • Cooling System
    • Rear (exhaust) : 120x120x25mm blue LED fan, 1300rpm, 17dBA; 90x90x25mm, 1800rpm, 19dBA
    • Top (exhaust) : 90x90x25mm, 1800rpm, 19dBA
  • Drive Bays
    • Front accessible: Up tp 9 x 5.25”, 2 x 3.5”
    • Internal: 6 x 3.5"
  • Material
    • Chassis: 1.0mm Aluminum
    • Front door: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Supported Motherboards:
    • Micro ATX
    • ATX
    • Extend ATX
    • BTX
      • BTX Upgrade Kit: SRM/Rear plate(option: A9358)
  • Power Supply Unit: Standard ATX PSII
  • I/O Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 x 1, Audio & Speaker ports
  • Liquid Cooling System:
    • All-in-one waterblock For Intel BTX platform, P4 775 and AMD K8
    • Performance radiator:
      • (A) Dimension of radiator: H 407 x W 120 x D 35 mm
      • (B) Three 1300RPM 120mm fans
    • P500 liquid pump: Power DC 12V liquid pump (500L/hr)
    • Reservoir: Contains 350 c.c. of liquid capacity, easy to refill
    • Water tube: Transparent UV tube (3/8”) & industrial-grade rubber tube
    • Container Load: 20’-172,40’-361,40’HQ-412
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