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Heavy duty. Comfortable. Durable. Handcrafted from Belizean mahogany. Indoor or Outdoor. Separates into two pieces for easy stor

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Named after El Cayo, the westernmost district of Belize, this particular chair is Orange Gallery’s muscle-model. Made of local mahogany with its distinctive fine-grained luster, it is comfortable, extremely solid, and most of all, can bear the weight of up to three hundred pounds. Extremely stable, instead of folding, the Cayo Chair also has the distinction of separating into two pieces for easy assembly and storage. With a natural oil-finish like the Clam Chair, this durable chair lends a natural organic look and feel to family living areas and goes great on decks as well.

COLOR & AGING:  Depending upon when the mahogany was milled, your chair may still be a bit “blond” upon arrival. But with time the wood will oxidize and turn the classic dark red of “aged mahogany.” To encourage the color-aging process, apply a thin of oil to your chair and put in the sun for a few hours. If the chair is to reside indoors, or in the shade outdoors, it should be oiled about every 6 months. However, if the chair is to live outdoors in direct sunlight, be aware that it will eventually turn to a sun-bleached “barn-wood” silvery-grey.

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