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The North Face Terra Pack is made for novice users and is available in three different sizes, 30, 40 or 60 litres.

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enough ventilation to help keep your back from getting sweaty

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side straps can handle a small tent or sleeping pad without stress

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offers a large array of adjustments to make it fit right

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light enough to not significantly add to the weight of what you're carrying

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good cushioning to protect your back against hard contents

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easy to load and unload, interior is very accessible

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comfortable to wear even loaded up with heavy equipment

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pockets are very accessible and arranged logically

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The North Face Terra Pack is made for novice users and is available in three different sizes, 30, 40 or 60 litres as well as a womens' version in the 40 litre size. All packs in this series are designed with The North Face Terra Pack Technologies for affordable novice friendly packs. The 30 and 40 litre packs use the Verti-Cool system to create all day ventilation and keep the user dry and cool while hiking. Conversely, the 60 litre employs the Opti-Fit suspension for ease in adjustability and stability.The Terra 30 is a top-loading pack ideal for one day trips in comfort. It has aluminum pole for support and contains a sleeping bag compartment with a trampoline divider. It boasts several lash points and tool loops to carry all the equipment necessary during the trek. It has hydration sleeve compatibility and an adjustable sternum strap with Safe-T Whistle. Its optimum load weight is 20-35 pounds and this pack is geared towards those looking for an affordable, easy to use pack for short trips. The Terra 30 is available in Cave Black or Sugarpine Green.

The Terra 40 contains all of the same technologies as the 30, but is designed for longer trips into the backcountry. It is available in a womens`specific that is proportioned to fit a woman`s body for ideal comfort while hiking. The optimum load weight for the womens`model is 20-45 pounds and it is available in either Knight Purple or Seafoam Green. The original version has an optimum load weight of 30-50 pounds and comes in Sugarpine Green, Yam Orange, Cave Black and Atoll Blue. This pack is designed for those who want comfort, easy adjustability and specificity while out in the backcountry. The Terra 60 is made for durability and ease while on weekend trips and contains all of the features of the smaller packs with the added Opti-Fit Suspension for comfort. The optimum load weight of the 60 is 30-50 pounds and is available in Atoll Blue, Cave Black and Sugarpine Green. Overall, the Terra Packs are made for easy use, comfort and durability at an affordable price. 

  • PE sheet and aluminum V stays
  • Verti-Cool back panel
  • Sleeping bag compartment with trampoline divider
  • Side compression straps
  • Hydration compatible
  • Lash points and tool loops
  • Adjustable sternum strap with Safe-T whistle
  • Opti-Fit suspension - Terra 60 only
Model Variations
  • The North Face Terra 30 Pack | 30 Liter Capacity
    • Color Options | Cave Black, Sugarpine Green
  • The North Face Terra 40 Pack | 40 Liter Capacity
    • Color Options | Sugarpine Green, Atoll Blue, Cave Black, Yam Orange
  • The North Face Terra 60 Pack | 60 Liter Capacity
    • Color Options | Atoll Blue, Cave Black, Sugarpine Green
  • The North Face W Terra 40 Pack | 40 Liter Capacity
    • Color Options | Knight Purple, Seafoam Green
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