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North Face has created a new system for lacing shoes that relies on a patented technology to properly 'lace' the shoes.

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Screw system makes for a tighter fit

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Customer Service will send you (free of charge) a repair kit, should the wiring or screw system brake

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tightening or loosening can be adjusted with one hand just by turning or pulling the dial

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Screw system can be complicated, and the shoe is useless if it breaks

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North Face has created a new system for lacing shoes that relies on a patented technology to properly 'lace' the shoes. The Boa lacing system allows for minute changes in the laces, making sure that each shoe is tailored to fit your foot. The major benefit from this Boa system makes sure that there are no pressure points on your foot. As you're running, you can quickly adjust the pressure, without taking a lot of time out of your run to re-tie your laces.

The Endurus shoe is a lightweight running shoe, ideal for navigating trails and dirt tracks. The shoe is made from breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex. The footbed features a woven-in anti-bacterial agent to reduce odor and bacteria. North Face also included a high density wedge heel to prevent roll over as you run over uneven terrain.

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06/11/2007 04:49

I've heard a lot of snowboard boots having problems with the BOA lacing system. If they break, you pretty much have to buy new boots. North Face does have a lifetime warranty on all their products. I bought a bag once and a clip broke on it. I got an RMA number, sent in my bad and they returned it fixed.

06/11/2007 04:02

I bought a pair and have really been liking them, as if you are in a hurry, you can just put your feet in and go...tightening them later, or not. The only problem I've had just occurred last week where the screw that holds the knob on the back of one of the shoes came off, and I haven't been able to get in touch with North Face (well, they haven't yet replied to by e-mail). It looks like it could easily be replaced by a regular screw, but I'm not sure. I would be pretty bad if this wasn't fixable. It seems all North Face products are guaranteed for life, whatever that means. I can't really see how the wires could brake unless they got caught in something and you kept pulling...they seem to be made quite strongly. If anyone knows of a place to get them fixed, please let me know. Thanks! UPDATE 11 June, 2007: North Face Customer Service Phone:(866) 715-3223, prompt 7. Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm Pacific time. They will send customers a repair kit or give details about how to send the shoes in to get fixed. The customer service rep said that you can only get the kits through North Face. So if you thought that the shoes would be useless if they broke, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Good thing I didn't throw mine out!

03/13/2007 02:54

I've heard good and bad things about the Boa system. The knob tightens the wire and if it breaks, you are pretty much hosed. There are other systems out there that do a better job with regular laces, but in the end comfort is the final factor.

03/08/2007 11:57

A lot of snowboard boots and ice skates are using the Boa system now. If you have ever had to tie up your boots/skates in -20C weather, you know this easy knob-tie system would be a saviour to your fingers.

03/08/2007 10:05

This might seem gimmicky, but I would consider buying these shoes for the Boa lacing system. I can't tell you how many times my laces have come undone, or even gotten in the way while running. I know, I should do a double knot, but the problem is I don't want to do a double knot. They're too difficult to untie. I prefer trail shoes for running, because trails are so much better to run on then the road, and if you happen to go on a road with a trail shoe, no big deal.

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