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The Bates All Purpose Saddle with Cair offers so much for the equine enthusiast! Ideal for all purpose riding, this saddle offers comfort for both you and your horse with unique and durable features.

The Bates All Purpose Saddle offers a broad channel, Flexiblocs for a custom fit, extremely comfortable narrow twist, multi layer density seat foam and wide panels for maximum comfort. Quality crafted leather saddle in Havana Brown that is a versatile tone and coordinates easily with other tack and saddle pads.
The Bates All Purpose Saddle with Cair features:
Cair comfort
Flexiblocs for custom fit
Comfy narrow twist
Multi layer density foam seat
Wide panels for maximum comfort
Broad channel
Color: Havana Brown
Focused on horse performance
ElastiflexTM Tree
Features a rigid head to maintain clearance over your horse’s wither, whilst possessing lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscular movement with every stride. the lateral flexion, combined with the unique anatomic shaping of the tree, ensures the saddle does not impede on the horse’s muscles in work. Precision engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical and ultra durable the ElastiflexTM tree is guaranteed against breakage for the lifetime of the saddle*, deemed to be 10 years.
Safety Girth Point System
the innovative method of girth point attachment offers you peace of mind that your girth points can be fitted to factory standard throughout the life of your saddle. it also offers customisation of your girthing system by your saddler, saddle fitter or retailer. the unique design registered fitting ensures that the girth points are highly durable and ultra slimline, facilitating even closer contact and comfort for both horse and rider.
Performance Panel Design
all Bates Saddles feature a generous panel, designed to ensure a large “footprint” on the horse’s back, maximising the weight bearing surface of the saddle and resulting in a reduction in pressure per sq cm/inch and increased comfort for the horse. Coupled with a wide and even chamber, the performance panels support the horse’s working muscles and maximises movement in the shoulder area.
Ergonomic Stirrup BarTM
the design registered stirrup bar removes at least one thickness of leather from under your thigh, ensuring even closer contact and maximising your comfort. the unique shaping offers secure attachment of your stirrup leather, whilst enabling the leather to come free if required during a fall. Selected Bates models feature a recessed channel to the stirrup keeper, further eliminating interference with your leg for a closer feel of the horse and increased comfort.
Comfort Seat Technology
Exclusive Comfort Seat technology utilises multilayered foams of exacting densities for instantaneous comfort and support of an optimal position. all Bates Saddles feature a narrow waist anatomically shaped for closer contact and rider comfort.
Unique Stirrup Bar Positioning
Bates Saddles feature a unique positioning of
the stirrup bar for every discipline and model in order to effortlessly align you in a correct and strong riding position for optimal performance. the stirrup bar placement dramatically impacts on your ability to effortlessly maintain correct alignment, leaving you free to concentrate on the execution of your aids.
Adjustable FlexiblocTM System
a revolutionary system that enables the rider to customise the support offered for their individual riding position. offers great flexibility for altering the support offered by your saddle, dependent on usage.
The CAIR® Cushion System
CaiR® is the first true innovation in saddle panels to address the mechanics of the equine back
and the impact saddles have on horse and rider performance.
the revolutionary world leading CaiR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air. air, being a fluid medium, constantly adapts to the horse’s working muscles. this means that your weight is evenly distributed across the entire length of the panel, virtually eliminating pressure points and maximising your horse’s comfort and performance.
this extraordinary comfort results in freer movement, better carriage and a happier horse. For such a simple concept, the dramatic difference the CaiR® Cushion System makes to your horse’s comfort and performance is profound.
For more information on the CaiR® Cushion System, visit
The EASY-CHANGETM Gullet System
Your horse will change shape as its maturity, type
of work and level of fitness changes. the EaSY- CHangETM gullet System allows you to alter the width of your saddle from the waist through to the tree points by utilising one of six fractional fit gullets to custom fit the shape of your horse’s wither. this provides you with the ability to check the correct gullet is fitted for your horse’s current shape and muscling and, if not, be able to change it yourself, to ensure there is optimum clearance of your horse’s wither. only gullet plates stamped with EaSY-CHangETM gULLEt are accredited for use in Bates Saddles.
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