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Ideal Mister users are raving about this sprayer - designed to give you the lightest mist exactly where you want it.

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It pumps effortlessly, sprays a nice fine spray evenly, not blobs like the other one. Ideal Mister users are raving about this sprayer - designed to give you the lightest mist exactly where you want it. 

The Fine LifeTM Olive Oil Mister was designed to let you choose and enjoy your oils. Follow the simple directions included with your Ideal Mister to clean, fill, use And re-use it and it will work for you for years to come. 

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  • Health & life enhancing - The Fine LifeTM Ideal Oil Mister lets you choose exactly the amount of oil you want to use, where you want to use it, whether you're on a Paleo Diet, using HCG or just love flavor.
  • This FDA-Approved air pressure system eliminates smelly chemical propellants from your food or wasted oil down your drain! Use it with ALL your favorite oils.
  • The Ideal Mister produces such a Fine Mist you'll use so little oil it will last for weeks. You only need fill it with an inch or two of oil. The rest of the space in the oil container lets you create AIR pressure. A few easy pumps and you'll feel the resistance. Set aside the pump cap and press gently down on the nozzle to obtain the faintest mist on the market, every time.
  • Designed with the highest quality materials - The Ideal Mister is safe on any surface, SHAPED to be comfortable in your hand, LIGHT enough for a child to use even when there is fluid inside.
  • Just remove the top nozzle when feel any resistance. Rinse it under warm water. Shake off the water. Put it back on to pump and spray.
  • Ideal for your beach, boat, or RV for food preparation.
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  • This BPA-free and Non-Aerosol oil mister gives you the oil you want with a burst of air pressure - just pure oil 
  • No more chemical-laden oils blasted all over your kitchen 
  • No more smell, no more mess to clean up 
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Inside Tip

Put water in it and use it to cool off on the beach, boat, golf course. 

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