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Plus it includes algebraic functions and calculus functions, making it an optimal choice for university students.

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turns on quickly and is ready to work with right away

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comes with a cord to sync to your computer, easy to transfer documents back and forth

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wide variety of functions available, many rarely seen in a calculator

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built-in documents help learn the functions, very useful

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touchpad works as well as a standard computer trackpad

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lots of helpful expanded documentation and guides on the website

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takes some time to learn how to use it, very complicated

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The Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CAS with Clickpad is one of two graphing calculators (TI-Nspire / TI-Nspire CAS) released commercially in Fall 2008 as upgrades from the TI-83 / TI-84 line of calculators. In particular, the TI-Nspire CAS builds from the original TI-Nspire by storing and displaying values symbolically instead of as floating-point numbers. Plus it includes algebraic functions and calculus functions, making it an optimal choice for university students. Like its peer, the CAS model can be used in the SAT and AP exams. However, it doesn’t host a testing mode LED indicator, meaning it cannot be used in the ACT or IB. Plus it lacks a TI-83 / TI-84 emulator. It does however inherit its counterpart’s Clikpad computer-like cursor control that can be used to point, move and click.

  • TI-Nspire Series (2008)
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) Capabilities
  • Explore Mathematical Expressions in Symbollic Form
  • See Multiple Representations of Single Problem
  • Explore Individual Representations One by One, or Up to 4
  • Grab and Moved Graphed Function
  • Link Representations
  • Solve Equations
  • Interactive Geometry Capabilities
  • Simple Drop-Down Menus
  • Clickpad Computer-Like Cursor Control
  • Individual Letter Keys
  • Save/Review/Edit Work
  • PC File Transfers
  • Dedicated Programming Environment
  • Dedicated Programming Libraries
  • Global Access to User-Defined Functions & Programs
  • Calculator Functionality
  • Graphs Functionality
  • Geometry Functionality
  • Spreadsheet Functionality
  • Statistics Functionality
  • Notes Functionality
  • Screen size: 320 x 240 pixels (3.5” diagonal)
  • Power: AAA Battries x4
  • Memory: 20MB Storage
  • Connectivity: USB
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