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The TI-89 is a popular graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments, originally released in 1998.

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Includes powerful computer algebra system (CAS) that can manipulate expressions symbolically

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Extra memory in the Titanium model is useful

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Nicely notes any errors or conditions when solving equations (ex: "Excludes imaginary solutions")

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Includes excellent built-in apps, and can be upgraded to more apps

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The most powerful calculator that can be legally used in most testing situations

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Includes EEPro electrical engineering app

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Fairly expensive if not used to full capacity of graphing and CAS

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sin, cos, tan are secondary functions

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Can be challenging to master

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The full capabilities aren't realized until upper level mathematics courses in University

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The TI-89 is a popular graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments, originally released in 1998. It features powerful computer algebra system (CAS) that can solve albebraic expressions in symbolic terms; most other calculators solve in terms of number only.  For example, entering (x^3-x^2-8x+12)/(x+3) returns x − 4x + 4, which is  by default. The current version of the calculator that is sold in stores is the TI-89 Titanium model, released in 2004 to replace the popular original TI-89. In the United States, the TI-89 is allowed by the College Board on all calculator-permitted tests, including the SAT, however it is banned from some other tests and classrooms because of it's advanced function. The retail price of this calculator is $150.

  • Motorola 68000 32-bit microprocessor running @ 10, 12, or 16 MHz (depending on hardware version)
  • Algebraic factoring of expressions
  • Algebraic simplification (CAS)
  • Evaluation of trigonometric expressions to exact values
  • Equation solving for a certain variable (CAS)
  • Finding limits of functions
  • Symbollic differenatiation and integration
  • Directly programmable in TI-BASIC
  • Can run third-party applications
TI-89 Titanium

The TI-89 Titanium was relased in the summer of 2004 as a replacement to the popular original TI-89 calculator. It expands the available amount of flash memory to four times of its predecessor, adds a mini-USB port for connectivity with a PC, other TI-89 calculators, or other calculator accessories including a full-size keyboard.

Case Swapping

It very common for students, in an effort to curtail their school's calculator restrictons, is to remove the internal components of the TI-89 and put in in the TI-83+ shell. There also have been students doing the reverse (ie. putting the TI-83 components inside the TI-89 shell) and selling the subsequent calculator as a true TI-89 and profitting in the process.

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09/11/2008 09:06

It's great for any math, Algebra and up. It makes getting through busy work much quicker, and TI-BASIC is easy to learn, so it's easy to make programs to do equations and other stuff for you. And if you're clever enough, you can even get them to show work.

09/09/2008 11:59

The TI-89 Titanium looks to be a good calculator. I have been doing my homework and it appears to be one of the flag ships for TI. The calculator has many of the features of the rest of TI's calculators like solvers, graphing, etc. But it does have a statistics package that is unique and it can solve differential equations. I looked for some good pictures and found them here: TI-89 Titanium

Bottom line it seems this is the best buy if you are planning on college math.

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