TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision Internet Surveillance Camera

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Stunning image and video quality in 720P resolution. Smoother video streaming and smaller video file size. Manually or automatically turn on in low light and in darkness.Correct color cast problem and enhance brightness. Peer to Peer communication, real plug and play. Support remote viewing on mobile devices.

iPhone/iPad/Android OS supported. Communicate with family and friends on mobile devices. Talk to camera or listen to camera. Move the camera as you desired. Pan horizontally up to 345°, tilt vertically up to 120°. Press WPS button on wireless LAN router or access point and press WPS button on the back of the camera, then the camera will be connected wirelessly. Automatically detect moving objects and trigger alarm. Send alert emails to user and upload screen captures or video clips to FTP server. Support ONVIF2.2 completely.
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  • Brand New and More User Friendly UI
  • Pan/Tilt: Horizontal 340°, Vertical 90° (Stainless Steel Bearings)
  • Power Adapter Cord Extended to 5ft
  • Enhanced WiFi Signal Reception, WiFi IEEE 802.11b/gg
  • Enhanced Camera Shell Rigidity
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Color Options

  • Black
  • White
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this camera be mounted upside down like from the ceiling?

    There is a threaded hole on the bottom you could attach a mount to. The threads are deep enough to support the low weight of the camera

  • Can set this up with AT&T internet to view on an I-phone?

    The Web Access works and they have an app for android as well as iPhone which works better than the Web Access: The configuration is not difficult for anyone that's tech savvy.

  • Does it support WPA2 AES for the WiFi connection? Or just WEP OR WPA?

    Yes, it does and it also supports WPA2 TKIP.

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