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10-cup capacity (European Standard) . Brews into stainless steel insulated server.

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Brewing temperature between 92°-96°/ keeping temperature between 80°-85° meeting the requirements of the ECBC/SCAE/SCAA. 10-cup capacity (European Standard). Brews into stainless steel insulated server; holds temperature to preserve delicate coffee flavors and aroma. Filter holder with dripstop. Stainless steel thermo jug. 9-Hole sprayhead wetting the grounds evenly. Visible scale indication. Aluminium housing available in several bright colours. Copper boiling element with double safety guard. Brew time 5-6 minutes. Illuminated on/off switch. Brew stop if jug is not in place.

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  • 10-cup capacity thermal carafe
  • Copper heating element that heats quickly and maintains the
  • Precise saturation time (4 to 6 minutes)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you keep whole beans fresh to use with this coffee maker? When you do is it as good tasting as French press?

    I roast my own coffee as well and it is indeed the best way to enjoy fresh roasted coffee. Besides having a good coffee maker, you also need to invest in a good burr grinder. If you're still using a whirly-bird type you are chopping the beans instead of crushing/grinding. Those type of 'grinders' create a lot of fines and the grind is not very uniform. Different sized coffee particles will extract at a different rate so you end up with a mixture of coffee that is both over and under extracted. With a burr grinder and fairly uniform grind you will get a better cup as the coffee is extracted at close to the same rate. I disagree that you shouldn't store coffee in the freezer. If done properly I would challenge most people to tell the difference! The trick is to package it in quantities that can be used up in a week and to vacuum seal. You don't want to just put it in a bag and stick it in the freezer, taking it out and putting back in as you use. This will cause ice to build up on the beans (not good) and as someone else mentioned shorten the life of your grinder. YMMV.

  • Is it Dishwasher safe?

    I would never put any part of it in a dishwasher. I just run a vinegar/water mixture through to clean it monthly and was all other parts by hand. I love it too much to take a chance.

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