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Featuring two 2.5” Super Dynamic, full-range speakers for high-quality audio.

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dock is fairly stable, easy to connect your iPod

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nice silver-colored bezel, blends in with the rest of the room well

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usage is intuitive and easy, don't really need the manual

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display is clear in all lighting and easy to read

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minimal footprint, tucks back against the wall and uses very little space

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LCD doesn't get overly bright, won't bother you at night

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nice clear sound, no noticeable distortion or weakness in the signal

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The Teac SR-LX5i-S is a digital alarm clock / iPod docking station featuring two 2.5” Super Dynamic, full-range speakers for high-quality audio. Though it can only playback audio from an iPod (as well as an AM/FM tuner or an externally connected MP3 player), the device features an S-Video output for transmitting iPod video to a compatible device, such as an HDTV. Also included is a large LCD display for monitoring the time and also viewing song information, the capability to awaken to iPod music or the tuner, and an included remote control with iPod control. The one limiting factor for the SR-LX5i-S is a limited amount of audio fine-tuning available. In particular, there’s a single high or low-bass control. Users would prefer if there were equalizer settings and enhanced bass AND treble control.

  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • Integrated iPod Docking Station
  • Digital AM/FM Tuner w/20 Presets
  • Wake to iPod or Tuner
  • Sleep Timer
  • Daylight Savings Time Switch
  • Full-Range Speakers w/Bas-Reflex
  • Large LCD Display w/Dimmer
  • Included Remote Control
  • Included iPod Adapters
  • Video Output
  • Headphone/Auxiliary Inputs
Model Variations
  • Teac SR-LX5i-S | Silver
  • Teac SR-LX5i-B | Black
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