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Featured is a digital clock with alarm, snooze, and sleep-timer functionality.

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Can be wall mounted--a feature not often offered by iPod docks.

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WiFi and Ethernet network connectivity--a relative rarity in iPod docks.

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Full equalizer settings allow for full sound customization.

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Remote control is much better than the average dock remote--full-sized and fully featured.

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Good overall sound quality--well-balanced with a good amount of volume.

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Setup wizard does a good job of guiding you through WiFi setup with no issues.

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Slanted display is difficult to read at off angles.

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At 12" x 8", the R-4iNT has a bigger footprint than the average iPod dock.

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Remote control can be a bit unreliable when pointing it at the dock from above.

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The Teac R-4iNT is a wall-mountable iPod/iPhone docking station that wirelessly stream Internet radio from Pandora, as well as stream content from a PC via an Ethernet interface. Featured is a digital clock with alarm, snooze, and sleep-timer functionality; a large LCD display with a variable timer; and a remote control. The speakers users are passive and output approximately 20W total. Users appreciate the R-4iNT small size and wall mountability, but have noted that a USB interface would be preferred for a stronger WiFi connection. Plus the Ethernet capability is limited to 10Base-T, which for is the slowest of all available Ethernet standards.

  • Apple Certified iPod/iPhone Dock
  • Wall Mountable
  • FM Radio Tune
  • Internet Radio Streaming
  • PC Music Streaming
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connections
  • Digital Clock
  • NXT BR Stereo Speakers
  • LCD Display
  • Remote Control w/Ipod Functions
  • Headphone/Auxiliary Inputs
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