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The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC is a set of high-end golf irons similar to the TaylorMade's Tour Preferred CB irons.

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allow a good range of workability on tougher shots

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Super easy consistent shots everytime, great feel!!

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attractive design, classic looking with sleek black detailing

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consistent shot every time, good overall feel

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longer irons get up high and land soft

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good feel on impact, feels very smooth

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a bit bulkier than other irons, more than most beginners will want to deal with

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not a lot of forgiveness, won't do well with hits that miss the sweet spot

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The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC is a set of high-end golf irons similar to the TaylorMade's Tour Preferred CB irons. Aimed at a more experienced audience than the Tour Preferred CB, the MC offers a few key design differences, namely: 1025 carbon steel construction (the CB set is made of 8620 carbon steel), perimeter weighting and less offset. The CB and MC iron sets do, however, share carbon composite badges on the back of each club's face.

Each Tour Preferred MC iron is constructed of with slightly smaller head sizes and less offset than CB irons, allowing more experienced players to better shape shots. Its perimeter weighting allows each Tour Preferred MC iron to assist mis-hits while still offering a high degree of shot control. Meanwhile, each Tour Preferred MC iron sports a carbon composite badge on the back of the club face, dampening impact sound and enhancing feel.



  • 1025 carbon steel construction
  • Perimeter weighting
  • Smaller head and less offset for greater shot shaping
  • Carbon composite badge
  • Muscle Cavity design
  • Designed for intermediate to advanced players
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