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Combining tour-caliber features with greater forgiveness than some top-of-the-line models.

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very accurate, ball goes straight at where you're sending it

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large sweet spot on the striking surface

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good forgiveness for beginners, will handle a little off-center hitting

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nice feel on the swing, very comfortable

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handle a fair amount of abuse without warping

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generally won't feel any vibrations when striking the ball

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Very long and forgiving. Great spin on middle and short irons. Probably the straightest irons Ive ever used. Launch high but still boring flight in windy conditions. Make the game so much fun!

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a little tricky to get it to spin the ball intentionally, tends to go straight no matter what

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TaylorMade's Tour Burner irons aim to satisfy a wide range of golfers, combining tour-caliber features with greater forgiveness than some top-of-the-line models. The midsize irons feature a medium top line, medium sole width, and mid-to-high launch. With medium offset and a low CG position, TaylorMade aims for a balance between workability and forgiveness. A thin clubface produces a high COR, a key factor in ball speed, while 'Inverted Cone Technology' enables higher COR for off-center hits, making the irons more amateur-friendly. The irons are available with graphite or steel shafts, and with a regular or stiff flex.

  • Graphite or steel shaft
  • Regular or stiff flex
  • Balance between workability and forgiveness
  • Medium top line
  • Medium sole width
  • Mid-to-high launch
  • Medium offset
  • Low CG position
  • Thin clubface
  • Inverted Cone Technology
  • 3-SW available in both right and left hand
  • 2 iron and LW only available in right hand
Iron Details
  • 2 iron - 18 degrees loft
  • 3 iron - 20 degrees loft
  • 4 iron - 23 degrees loft
  • 5 iron - 26 degrees loft
  • 6 iron - 29 degrees loft
  • 7 iron - 33 degrees loft
  • 8 iron - 37 degrees loft
  • 9 iron - 41 degrees loft
  • PW - 46 degrees loft
  • AW - 50 degrees loft
  • SW - 55 degrees loft
  • LW - 60 degrees loft
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