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This chamber contains foam that helps to absorb impact and reduce vibration.

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Feel very solid at impact

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"better players iron" with added forgivingness- perfect for golfers in the 5 to 15 handicap range

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Beveled along the back edge, creating the appearance most golfers like to see on approaching the ball

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Can pass through thick turf without becoming stuck

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Superior distance and forgiveness

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long and middle irons designed separately from short irons- optimal performance

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Ball flight might be a little high for some

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Some may find the look to be too clunky

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TaylorMade's R9 TP (Tour Preferred) Irons are similar in design to the standard R9 clubs, the main differences being that the TP version uses a more classic design, with a more compact head design. Still, this model features the "velocity control chamber" behind the clubface which allows for a very thin face and a large COR in the long-irons, improving distance. This chamber contains foam that helps to absorb impact and reduce vibration. The long-irons have a low centre of gravity and offer a fair degree of control, and the face thickness increases with the iron number, giving more control and feel for approaches (despite a smaller COR). Another feature of the TP model is that the face and grooves conform to newly passed USGA and R&A rulings. These irons are available only with steel shafts.



  • Classic, compact head design
  • Perimeter weight distribution
  • Very thin face (2.0 mm) on long-irons, increases progressively with short-irons
  • Shock-absorbent weightless foam
  • Large COR on long-irons
  • Greater feel and control on short-irons
  • Shock-absorbing internal structure in 3-6 irons
  • Emphasis on feel and vibration reduction
  • Available in 2-9 irons, PW, AW
  • Stainless steel shafts
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