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The r7 CGB MAX is among the most forgiving TaylorMade irons.

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sweet spot is large enough for any level of player

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nice feel on contact with the ball, smooth and buttery

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gives you a satisfying click when making contact

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straight shot every time, don't even have to try

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excellent accuracy, can always send the ball where you want it

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good interaction with the turf, doesn't end up divoting

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much more expensive than other clubs, out of reach for casual golfers

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doesn't let you work the ball very well

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The r7 CGB MAX is among the most forgiving TaylorMade irons. Designed to improve the golf game of those with limited skill sets, the irons feature a thick top line, large offset, wide sole width, unusually low CG position, and high launch. The supersize clubface made of thin steel produces a high COR for greater distance, while 'Inverted Cone Technology' maintains a high COR for off-center hits. Other technologies aim to improve stability during swings and promote faster swing speed, to essentially make it as easy as possible to strike the ball with accuracy and power. The workability required by more advanced golfers, however, is sacrificed. The irons are available with steel or, at added cost, graphite shafts.

  • Steel or graphite shaft
  • Extremely high forgiveness
  • Thick top line
  • Large offset
  • Wide sole width
  • Low CG position
  • High launch
  • Large, thin, steel clubface
  • Inverted Cone Technology
  • Not available left handed
Iron Details
  • 3 iron - 19 degrees loft
  • 4 iron - 21 degrees loft
  • 5 iron - 23 degrees loft
  • 6 iron - 26 degrees loft
  • 7 iron - 30 degrees loft
  • 8 iron - 34 degrees loft
  • 9 iron - 39 degrees loft
  • PW - 44 degrees loft
  • AW - 49 degrees loft
  • SW - 54 degrees loft
  • LW - 59 degrees loft
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