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The R11 Irons are a set of mid-range golf cubs from the TaylorMade company.

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Creates a pretty consistent 15-yard gap between clubs

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Short irons offer more feel compated to other taylormade irons

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Creates a high launch angle- You will have no problem getting the ball in the air

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No offensive loud impact noise

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If you suffer from a slice these irons won't help you.

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Not that much different from the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC

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Doesn't add anymore distance when compared to the less expensive Burner 2.0

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The R11 Irons are a set of mid-range golf cubs from the TaylorMade company. Utilizing a variety of advanced engineering technologies, this model in both steel and graphite shaft types. A full range of clubs is available including Irons from strengths 3 to 9, alongside a pitching wedge, approach wedge and sand wedge for utility shots. TaylorMade's own Inverted Cone technology helps to promote optimal ball speed and overall distance, using a widened cone base to aid in forgiveness amongst off-center strokes. As an alternative to the traditional "weight plug" placed within the hosel of many clubs, the R11 series features a precision weighting port to balance swing weight while significantly lowering the center of gravity. The mid-sized and larger Irons of the series have been constructed with an ultra-thin club face in effort to maximize ball speed, resulting in longer and more accurate shots when approaching the green. In addition, each Iron features a multi-functional beveled sole design, providing the feel and handling of a lighter club while enabling powerful ball launch and a long, steady flight. 

  • Sleek chrome aesthetic with black and red highlighting
  • Available in 3-9 irons, PW, AW and SW clubs
  • Precision CG placements 
  • Ultra-thin face design 
  • Tour sole design 
  • Inverted Cone technology 
  • Precision weighting port 
  • Steel and graphite models available 
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