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The Burner SuperFast is a lightweight driver from TaylorMade.

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Really rewards you for well struck shots- adds an extra 10 to 15 yards

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Forgiving on off-center hits- still provides adequate distance and accuracy

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Should improve carry distance for slower-swinging players

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Comes in a variety of loft angles (9.5, 10.5, 13) to suit most golfers

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Much improved cosmetically over the previous generation burner driver

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Responsive feel makes you aware of well struck shots or not

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Finish on the crown of the club is hard to scrape off even when you sky the ball

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More advanced golfers may find themselves "skying" the ball

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Does not offer golfers the ability to adjust the clubhead like so many other drivers on the market

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Longer shaft (46.5") can magnify a golfers slice

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Non-traditional head shape may be distracting to some golfers

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The Burner SuperFast is a lightweight driver from TaylorMade. Though it weighs in at only 283 grams, the Burner SuperFast has the biggest clubface of any TaylorMade driver, which makes it quite forgiving. This driver boasts Taylormade's Dual Crown technology, which uses a noticeably smaller crown and weighted powerbase to promote a higher launch for more distance off the tee. The Matrix Ozik XCon shaft, with its support of ball speed, will also help to increase the distance of your drives. There are model and shaft options, as well as left-handed versions, available for the Burner SuperFast driver. 

  • Lightweight (283 grams)
  • 460cc head volume 
  • Dual Crown technology
  • Matrix Ozik XCon shaft options: X-Flex (4.4 degree torque, 49g weight), S-Flex (4.5 degree torque, 48g weight), R-Flex (4.5 degree torque, 47g weight), M-Flex (4.6 degree torque, 46g weight), L-Flex (5.8 degree torque, 45g weight)   
  • 60 degree lie angle
  • 46.5" club length
  • D8 club swing weight 
  • .620" butt diameter
  • Bio Winn Lite grip
  • 30 gram grip weight
  • 0.35 shaft size tip size 
  • 9.5 - Left-handed version available, 9.5 degree loft angle, 
  • 10.5 - Left-handed version available, 10.5 degree loft angle
  • HT - No left-handed version available, 13 degree loft angle 
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