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The TaylorMade Burner Irons are a set or irons that have been engineered with progressive precision.

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dark metallic finish looks sleek and stylish

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hit consistently full length and straight

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durable design will last for years

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sweet spot is large, very easy to hit

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hard to shape a shot, tends to fly straight no matter what

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grips are a little small, don't give a lot of flexibility

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2010 model has a narrower and lighter base, reduces forgiveness slightly

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The TaylorMade Burner Irons are a set or irons that have been engineered with progressive precision.  Unlike a standard iron set, each club has been designed individually to fulfill its unique requirements in the set.  This includes a progressive sole width, offset, face thickness and headshape from the 3 iron to wedges.  The clubs also have progressive workability, giving more forgiveness with lower irons, and more workability with higher irons and the PW. The increasing COI, MOI and shaft length, along with the ultra-light shafts and grips gives an increased club speed resulting in a more distance with the lower irons.  The multi-functional sole with beveled edges reduces turf resistance to deliver maximum amount of force to the ball on impact. The Inverted Cone Technology expands the clubface area resulting in more consistent higher ball speeds and distance. Burner irons are available in 3-9 irons, PW, AW, SW and LW.  The LW is the only club not available in LH.

  • Improved SuperFast Technology
  • Multi-Functional Sole with beveled edges
  • Inverted Cone Technology
  • Progressive face thickness and head shape and size
  • COR and MOI optimized
  • Lightweight shaft
  • Grip: Arrow 2 (47g)
  • Available in left handed and womens
  • 3 - Length: 39.5", Loft: 19°, Lie: 60.25°
  • 4 - Length: 38.875", Loft: 21°, Lie: 61°
  • 5 - Length: 38.25", Loft: 24°, Lie: 61.75°
  • 6 - Length: 37.625", Loft: 27°, Lie: 62.5°
  • 7 - Length: 37", Loft: 31°, Lie: 63°
  • 8 - Length: 36.5", Loft: 35°, Lie: 63.5°
  • 9 - Length: 36", Loft: 40°, Lie: 64°
  • PW - Length: 35.5", Loft: 45°, Lie: 64.5°
  • AW - Length: 35.5", Loft: 50°, Lie: 64.5°
  • SW - Length: 35.25", Loft: 55°, Lie: 64.5°
  • LW - Length: 35", Loft: 60°, Lie: 64.5°
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05/17/2012 05:49
Burner SuperLaunch irons are TaylorMade's most forgiving iron ever and extremely easy to launch. Burner SuperLaunch irons are engineered to launch the ball high and long with remarkable ease. An ultra-large and deep cavity creates massive perimeter-weighting for super-forgiveness on all mis-hits.
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