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The Tascam US-144 is a complete portable recording solution: a USB 2.0 Audio/Midi interface for your PC or Mac based computer.

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Many I/O options (2 x XLR /w phantom power, 2 x 1/4" analog, midi in/out, headphone, S/PDIF)

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Runs great on my P4 2.2 ghz w/2gigs of ram, especially when connected to s/pdif speakers! Windows XP is the key!

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Supports Windows Vista as of Sep. 6, 2007 v1.10

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good sound

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Unstable driver

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Poor customer service

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Version 1.12 drivers on Windows 7 64-bit are unstable, severe recording artifacts (robotic), causes applications to crash. Unplug the US-144 and no issues at all...

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Drivers are unstable on Vista 32 and XP Pro 64. Got program crashes and blue screens on two different systems, when it was just plugged in and not being used.

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Unlike Tascam US-122, conflicts with system, thereby forcing reboots

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Where is the service? I get bsod in Windows 7 64. Make sure it works! and fast please.

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Unstable drivers makes the US-144 completely unreliable and blemish to the Tascam brand

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Version 1.12 drivers and firmware on Windows 7 64-bit are unstable. On one machine i get a lot of cracking/popping and the other gives a 0x0006 error while installing

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Didn't work in Windows Vista until Sept. 6, 2007

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Even with high spec PC I am unable to use low and lowest latency settings without intermittent crackling in audio.

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Very unstable drivers especially under 64 bit. A lot of cracking while recording and crashes.

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Refused to work with my mac pro

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US-144MkII causes instant crashes on G5 Macs in Software such as iMovie . +5

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have to use xp as wont work in ubuntu

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Pretty useless for mac

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New 2.01 Drivers for Win 7 64 bit didn't work normally with Cubase 5.

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Hasn't worked for ages CD driver (original) won't work downloads from tascam won't open. No support from them.

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US-144MkII suffers the same issues as the US-144 original - bad drivers, software crashes, etc.

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The Tascam US-144 is a complete portable recording solution: a USB 2.0 Audio/Midi interface for your PC or Mac based computer. Designed for use in a portable setting hooked up to a laptop. Includes Cubase LE recording software making this a fully functioning zero latency recording solution out of the box at a great price. Equipped with a bank of IO including two XLR phantom power mic inputs, two analog inputs (with selectable high impedance for guitars), a midi in, a midi out, a headphone jack, and S/PDIF Digital IO. See the Tascam US-122L for the 2 channel version of this interface.

Windows Vista Driver Support

Up until very recently, there has been no working drivers available for this device to be recognized and work in Windows Vista. This caused much difficulty for users for many months. Tascam had reported that they were working on drivers, but failed to deliver working drivers on several occasions.

Update Sept. 06, 2007:  Version 1.10 of the drivers now supports Windows Vista. Click here to go to the resources page for download.

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Jabu Magubane
03/13/2012 11:27

This is a reap off.My tascam us-144 does not want to work with my Apple Mac Pro and if I ask for help I must pay hundreds of Rands.No good.

02/16/2011 01:44

Lads i got this driver problem aswell! Get up to date tascam!!!! Your driver needs to go up a gear!!!

Action needs to be taken because the only people winning is tascam where the consumer spends large amounts of time trying to troubleshoot instead of making beautiful music... Whos with ma????

01/23/2011 02:50

Yeah this thing sucks!! Talks to computer then stops talking????? WTF!!!

Anthony Pace
11/26/2009 12:46

Does not work well with windows vista, 32 or 64, and does not work with windows 7 64 at all for recording. All they would need to do is switch the way the driver interprets the input; yet, they refuse to develop a new driver, or make the driver open source now that they no longer want to support it. I used to think it was a great deal; yet, now I hate this company because they have shown how little they care about the customer.



03/10/2013 04:50

Works fine, do not use 2.02 but 2.01 under windows 7. use asio4all driver resolve sync issues when needed in some DAW.

Anthony Pace
11/26/2009 12:46

it took me a week to get a response from the local Canadian version of customer support. This company is horrible, and always blames the OS or other software when it is really their hardware.

08/14/2008 01:47

Hi, Now the problem is with Vista 64 bits, the same problem for XP to Vista 32 bits... any suggestion?? Thanks.



09/12/2011 02:36

wont work with ubuntu love the card hate windows

09/07/2007 10:44

I just wanted to comment on Tascam's support, or rather lack thereof. When I purchased the US-428 USB control surface/audio interface a few years back, I had a bunch of trouble installing it to my Win98SE machine (yes, it was that long ago). The only option that Tascam provided me for "support" was user forums. Um...WHAT? No actual Customer Service Reps or Technical Support line, or even e-mail??? Not cool.

I ran into alot of people in the forum who believed they knew how to fix my issue, but who would not actually read my posts thoroughly in order that the assistance they provided was actually helpful, and the forum was poorly moderated; several people used profanity and even racial slurs in their responses!

In response to this, I have never purchased another product from Tascam again. I paid almost $500 for the unit new and could only use it with my Mac and not my WinTel machine. I had to wait till Win2KPro to actually be able to use it properly on my Wintel Box, and that was about a year later!!!

My advice to anyone who purchases Tascam products is that if you plan on getting what may be a fine product, be prepared to never EVER get help from Tascam after you drop the cash and walk through the doors, or receive it at your door. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT because you may be ridding yourself of it quickly.

09/07/2007 02:23

and it works

09/06/2007 04:56

Version 1.10 is now posted on the website and supports Windows Vista!

09/06/2007 03:34

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