The TT-CC17's cover is made to handle everything Mother Nature has to offer.

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The TT-CC17's cover is made to handle everything Mother Nature has to offer. Formed of sold zinc and painted with a thick, black, weather-proof coating, it can handle everything from the most horrendous weather to the most powerful pressure washers.

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  • Easy installation with existing screws, simply unscrew and replace existing car license plate frame;
  • 120 degrees up-and-down tiltable camera with wide angle lens to ensure larger viewing area and minimize the chances of backup accidents;
  • All weather condition performance with premium zinc metal housing and IP-67 waterproof rating;
  • 8 night vision infrared LEDs extends visibility in low light condition, ensuring complete safety even at full darkness;
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Extra-Wide Viewing Angle

Included are 8 infrared (IR) LED's to safely light your way; day or night! Moreover, the TT-CC17 was built using a PC1030 CMOS image sensor, which provides high definition images to your rearview monitor, in-dash TV, DVR, or any other RCA-compatible video input giving you the best possible view. The TT-CC17 has a mirror image and only supports the NTSC video mode system.

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Adjusts to the Perfect View

In addition to its safety features and quality build, the TT-CC17 can be adjusted in up and down to capture the perfect viewing angle and with a 170 degree field of vision, you won't be hindered by blind spots while reversing.

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And with our unique "distance scale guidelines" you will always know just how far objects or unsafe obstacles are from your vehicle.

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Package Includes

  • 1 x TT-CC17
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x 20 ft RCA Video Cable
  • 1 x Allen-Wrench
  • 1 x User Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the camera activated? Does it come with any wire harness?

    It comes on about one second after the gear shift lever is put in reverse. It appeared that all of the necessary wiring harnesses were included. As some of the reviewers mentioned the hot and the ground leads are quite small in gauge.

  • Can take this through a few drive drive thru car washes? How did it hold up?

    It holds with no issues.

  • Can I solder in a Cigarette Lighter Plug to plug into the outlet in the cab to power this unit? unplugging and plugging in as needed?

    Yes or better yet run it to your fuse block and install an on/off ( rocker switch) so your can flip it on/off at any time. Even rolling down the road to check your trailer behind you.

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Color Options

  • Black
  • Silver
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